When Video Games Meet Hollywood in a Good Way

I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say that it’s widely accepted among gaming movie-goers that movies based on video games are never quite as good as the games themselves. But movies that contain references to video games…? Well, that’s another beast entirely, and usual one that much more tame and enjoyable. While it’s unfortunate that Hollywood often invokes typical “gamer” stereotypes (as “they” do with just about any group “they” don’t fully understand), when a video game, game accessory, or a simple  mention of a game gets a little (i.e. NES Advantage controller in Ghostbusters 2) or a lot (Tron – the whole movie) of screen time, it warms the corners of my heart. Here are a few of my favorite movies with video game references, and one that coulda-been but wasn’t.

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