Game Theory: Is Link’s Quest in Majora’s Mask Pointless?


If any of you read my blog (PhoenixDown), you might have seen my long rant about the possibility of Link actually being dead as he progresses through the dark Majora’s Mask storyline. It wasn’t my own theory (although I wish it was), but I was intrigued by the possible inclusion of symbolism and I had to investigate. Game Theory introduces some awesome, yet maybe pointless observations that are just fun to learn about, and because I’m currently running on no sleep… I figured I’d let them do the work for me this time.

In this video, Game Theory discusses the importance of the moon in Majora’s Mask and if Link’s mission to save Termina from the falling moon is even possible. Of course they use a bunch of numbers and brain-numbing math equations, but if you’re a person that is interested in statistical observations then you’ll most likely enjoy this. For those who hate numbers (like me), basically the video discusses why Termina would be doomed way before the moon even crashed onto the surface. With the moon slowly falling, obviously things such as the gravitational pull would change which would inevitably result in catastrophic consequences… blah blah emergency blah. I for one tend to pull out the whole, “It’s a fictional game, yo.” in response to such theories, but I’ve come to respect the work put into this one. I’ll let you interject your own thoughts.

What do you think about theories such as this?

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