How Jess Day Of New Girl Reminds Us To Just Be You

I used to be a major TV watcher as a kid. TV was my main source of entertainment, mainly because you had really good shows like Full House, Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to name a few. It was easy to get caught up in the lives and antics of these families or characters for half an hour. Every time I tuned into these shows as a kid, it really felt like coming home or visiting an old friend each week.

These days my TV viewing habits have gone down drastically. There isn’t a lot of time to watch anything as much as I used to, or I’m much pickier about what I spend my time watching. Then there are shows I’ve been wanting to get into, but haven’t had time for a variety reasons. Recently, and thanks to the invention of Netflix Stream, I finally made time to watch Zooey Deschanel’s hit TV show New Girl. Words can’t even begin to describe how much I really love this show.

The cast of New Girl
The cast of New Girl

The show centers around Jess Day (Deschanel) who moves in with three guys after breaking up with her cheating ex-boyfriend. Hilarity ensues as Jess adjusts to her new living situation with roommates Nick, Schmidt, and Winston with an occasional visit from Jess’ gorgeous model best friend Cece. The chemistry between the cast is phenomenal. I haven’t seen a cast this charming and funny onscreen since Friends. Everyone just clicks, and watching this show is addicting. Aside from the humor, there’s a lot of heart. Whether you’re in your twenties or thirties, there’s something easy to relate to about life’s usual growing pains of jobs, dating, love, and friendships. There’s also something surprisingly positive and inspiring about the show which I didn’t expect to take away from it, as I currently watch Season 2 on Netflix.

Jess is kind of weird and knows it. She likes to burst into song at random moments, she’s a little socially awkward, and she’s not very good at meeting and picking up guys. There’s one episode in Season 1 where she hilariously tries and fails to have a one night stand with a random guy she picks up at a bar. Jess is a sweet and adorable geek who is charming in her own way. What makes this character hard not to like is her unabashedly, unapologetic approach at being completely genuine and staying true to who she is.

Zooey Deschanel as Jess Day
Zooey Deschanel as Jess Day

There are times when Jess encounters people who don’t “get her” and she acknowledges that. In two separate episodes from Season 1 she confronts those people by honestly calling them out on it. Jess doesn’t care if certain people don’t like her. She marches to the beat of her own drum and it has worked out perfectly fine for her. That kind of confidence and knowing who you are is highly attractive. What’s better is it’s coming from a TV character who can be classified as a geek. Jess makes being a geek an awesome thing to own up to and embrace with gusto.

Having always been a self-proclaimed geek and never one of the popular kids growing up, I didn’t always find it easy to be happy just being me. I always wished I was someone else––someone who was smarter, prettier, and less geeky. There will always be people who will try to drag you down and make you feel like you don’t matter or there’s something wrong with you. Eventually, you start realizing there’s only one you and remaining true to who you are is a beautiful thing. New Girl’s Jess sends out a positive message and reminder that just because someone may not like you doesn’t mean another person won’t come along and think you’re perfect exactly as you are.

newgirl_jess2New Girl is a TV show that leaves me incredibly happy and with good thoughts after watching each episode. I adore how much I’ve found a character who I can easily identify myself with and feel as if I’m doing something right in my life by knowing the only person I really need to make myself happy is me. When you remember how truly wonderful you are, the right kinds of people will know it too. You just need to dance to the tune of your own music and not let anyone else make you think otherwise. That’s what I call a powerful message to take away from a half-hour comedy show!

2 thoughts on “How Jess Day Of New Girl Reminds Us To Just Be You”

  1. I agree with you completely. I love this show too. All of the characters on the show are, for the most part, unapologetic about who they are, which is so cool. That seems to be one of the things that keeps cropping up now that Jess and Nick are a couple, too — they have to accept each other as is, and it’s okay that they’re not alike in every way. I also love that each character is really different from the others, yet they all get along and support each other.

    1. The show is surprisingly charming and it helps that they have a cast who work really well together to make the show irresistible to watch! Overall, the show is really positive and leaves you feeling happy. I do love how all the characters have their strengths and weaknesses, but they accept them for what they are. It’s a great reminder to don’t change who you are. If you like the person you are then that’s what matters.

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