Sam and Sam Play Antichamber SUPER POST Parts 8 through 13!

Sorry for missing last week’s post, but here’s a mega-compilation with all the stuff you might have missed!

Part 8: We make what we can only assume is progress in the mad maze of antichamber, but is it all in our minds?

Part 9: Have the tables turned? Grumbl3dook tries to make me his minion, but I have other plans. Also, we discover Antichamber has a deep story. One that’s sure to make you cry tears of sadness and joy.

Part 10: Previously completed puzzles seem harder the second time around – although ‘completed’ might not be the right word in this context!

Part 11: Fishguns everywhere but are they quick enough to get us through coloured walls? Not a sentence that I ever expected to say…

Part 12: The ball is now rolling as we figure out more and more of the rules of this Escher-esque maze, but as usual moving forwards somehow takes us backwards…

Part 13: Turns out there are some reliable rules at work in Antichamber and working them out really helps – although it makes the other bits even more confusing!