Maybe Radio Needs to Kill the Video Star

When the Buggles released their now classic and prescient hit Video Killed the Radio Star in 1979, MTV wasn’t even born yet. But once the channel hit the airwaves in the early 1980s, Radio Star, though it was about the infiltration of technology into life generally, became the anthem for a generation left behind — a generation that grew up on the real sounds and sights of music rather than those contrived by wacky studios and artists. But MTV brought music to the masses in a whole new way. No longer did people have to line up outside a club or stadium to actually see their favorite artists; they could do so freely from the comfort of their homes. Sometimes those musicians appeared in strange costumes and make-up, in visually weird situations that made no sense, or in the simplest of atmospheres. But however they were shown, they were shown to a national (and later international) audience.  And MTV then was as much about pioneering music videos as it was about pioneering video music producers, creators, and stars.

Still from Video Killed the Radio Star music video © The Buggles (source)

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