My Video Game Resolution for the New Year

You guys might already know that I have a problem with playing way too many games at one time. This means that it takes me not just days or weeks to finish a video game, but entire months — sometimes even a year or more. And then I replay games I’ve already finished, because I love them and I want to play them again and we all deserve that. The problem is that I leave all my new games half-finished while I explore the old again.

2013-05-27_00014BioShock Infinite is a perfect example of my problem. I picked it up on day one. It took forever to download. I started playing it, but after a couple of sessions, I started passing it up to play other games that were coming out. There were so many, guys. People started finishing BioShock Infinite and raving about its ending, and I had to skip all those spoiler posts because I hadn’t touched it in so long.

Finally, several weeks later, I picked it up again and played like crazy to the end. I got addicted to it. And the ending was fantastic. I was so pleased that I had finished the thing, and the game was on my mind for months afterwards…

So much so that I started playing it again in December and finished a second playthrough of it in just a few days. That’s all well and good — I love that game — but I was supposed to be playing Batman: Arkham Origins during the Christmas season, because that game is set on Christmas Eve. Now, in the real world, Christmas has come and gone… and I still haven’t played more than a few hours of Arkham OriginsBioShock Infinite just took over, and I haven’t even gotten through the whole strategy guide I bought for it yet.

I’ll be playing Infinite for a third time very soon, but there are so many other games I need to be playing, too. I have a long list of game diaries I’m working through for Persona 4, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Skyrim, Mass Effect, Dragon Age 2… It’s a lot. That’s the problem. Maybe playing a ton of games at once works for some people, but I haven’t been enjoying it like I should. I just feel overwhelmed.

That’s why this is my biggest New Year’s Resolution for 2014: to finish one video game a month. That shouldn’t be hard. I put enough hours in, it’s just a matter of focusing those hours. I used to do better when I wrote reviews for the site Population GO, because at least then I had to finish the game by a certain time to write the review. I want to go back to that — to focusing on one main game every month and finishing it.

At the end of the year, I hope to have a better gaming routine down. I’ll still be playing other games on the side, but every week, I want to carve out a few sessions just for my game of the month.

— Ashley


9 thoughts on “My Video Game Resolution for the New Year”

  1. You could try requiring yourself to write a post on games you finish or give-up on. That’s what I have been doing to keep me focused on finishing games I buy, as well as writing content for the blog. Working so far!

    1. That is a good idea. Glad it’s working for you and your blog. Writing reviews would help give me that extra motivation to finish games… and if I don’t finish, maybe I still have to write about why I didn’t!

      1. Exactly! It’s a win-win, plus it forces you to admit when you are done with a game that just isn’t super-compelling.

        And it’s an excuse for me to see more of your writing!

  2. I was doing alright on this until I added a couple new games to the pile because of Christmas gifts. Now I’m a little overwhelmed. It doesn’t help that I’m itching to replay some games as well.

    Also I just finished Infinite recently and the ending was so cool! Must have been neat to replay it knowing what was going on because of the ending.

    1. Haha fortunately I received no video games this Christmas! I can’t believe I’m listing that as a good thing…

      Glad you liked Bioshock Infinite too! That ending really does make it worth playing at least once. I felt like I understood it all in a new way playing it a second time… it was very cool!

  3. I know that feeling. I’ve still got a back log to get through. I still haven’t finished Dead Space 2, haven’t even started Dead Space 3. Need to finish Resistance, and Resistance 2. But I also want to finish GTA5 and I really want to play Beyond Two Souls. Add to the list that I’ve just finished Infamous 1 and 2 in the last two weeks, because I loaned it from a friend.

    I prefer playing a game and finishing it but some games are just so huge like GTA5, that I end up screwing around and not actually playing the main story.

    What I used to do if was getting distracted, (happens a lot with Batman: AC) I would first dive into a combat map, play for half an hour, get my fix and move on the “priority game”

    1. I still haven’t finished GTA V either! That is SUCH a long game… which I love. I used to say I wanted games to be at least 15 or 20 hours to make them worth the purchase. That was before I got obsessed with buying all the big games that come out… and then I realized how many old classics I missed… and then my backlog got way too big and now I’m kind of overwhelmed.

      I’m glad you have a good way of getting into a game when distracted! That’s what I need — some sort of technique to get me motivated and immersed in old games I haven’t finished again…

  4. I have this problem with games, tv shows and books.. and my other hobbies like writing! I want to do too many things at once! It’s hard to focus on one at a time, I get to many ideas for new things to try!

    I’ve just got stuck replaying games for the last year (Mass Effect, Dragon Age) because I still can’t let them go, and I think the only “new” game I played was Skyrim. I’m trying to use my blog to focus now too, if I replay a game again I make sure I write about it! I’m back into Dragon Age: Origins again now (I did buy a bunch of new DLC) but I’ll blog it. I too have piles of games I want to get through, ones I’ve never played.. but I still find myself wanting to give Skyrim another go, or actually finish Tales of Vesperia which I’ve had to abandon twice over years because life got in the way and that game is way too huge to take a break from and remember what you were doing!

    I think though, as long as I’m enjoying what I’m doing.. what’s the harm? There isn’t a rush.. I just wish there were more hours in the day!

    1. I’m like you in that I replay my old favorite games — Dragon Age and Mass Effect are some of the main culprits for me too! While I enjoy playing a range of games, there are really only a handful that I love and want to go back to all the time. I guess that can be an okay thing. =)

      I also agree with you that I find myself wanting to do too much at once sometimes. That’s why I start so many things and have trouble finishing them. More hours in the day would totally solve that problem…

      I guess there isn’t a rush with playing all these games, but I do like to tackle a reasonable number of them and actually find time to finish them when I can. I’m like that with books too — I have a resolution to read a certain number this year.

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