Top Five Games I’d Replay If Time Weren’t An Issue

As an adult with jobs, lives, and responsibilities outside of our geeky hobbies, time can be our enemy. Being an adult gamer requires mastering the skill of time management. We have more concerns we have to deal with in our daily lives, but carving out at least 20 minutes or an hour of time to play a game is possible. The only time playing a video game where time can be an issue is when you want to replay a game you’ve already finished.

There are video games that you only really need to beat once and feel like you’ve got the most out of a game, even if you decide not to complete the optional side quests or aim to gather every collectible scattered throughout a game. Then there are those games where you’ll really want to play it again for slightly different outcomes or to experience the different classes a character can have that you didn’t get to play the first time around. With so many new and great games coming out each year, finding time to want to replay a favorite game that’s still packed with much more to do can be an issue.

As I try to challenge myself this year to finish one game each month that hasn’t been finished or started, I thought about the games I would like to come back to when I have time and less newer games to finish. Here’s a list of my personal Top 5 games I would replay again if given the chance.

1. dao_logoDragon Age series. For those who have been following my blog for a while now wouldn’t find this choice a surprise. This Bioware title has a special place in my heart and it’s a game series I never could put down once I started it. The story, characters, and world cast a spell on me and I’ve never been the same since. Dragon Age: Origins is the better title in terms of story and character development, while Dragon Age 2 is better with graphics and combat style. No matter which title of the series I play, there are classes in this game I haven’t explored yet and other alternative decision routes I haven’t experienced yet. Since finishing both titles a few years ago, I’ve only experienced just one class for each game––a human noble rogue Warden in Dragon Age: Origins and a mage Hawke character in Dragon Age 2. It’s a bit disappointing that I can’t find time to delve back into the world of Dragon Age to get the complete experience of this series, but it’ll be one of the first games I’ll start an entirely new playthrough for. The coming of Dragon Age 3: Inquisition later this year will make it even more difficult to go back to the previous games for different results, but who cares! I’ll be playing a shiny, new installment of the series soon. It’s a win in my book.

masseffect_coverart2. Mass Effect series. Another Bioware title that isn’t a huge surprise on my list either, but the difference between having this on my list compared to Dragon Age is I’ve actually made an attempt at doing a second playthrough of Mass Effect. My second stab at playing Mass Effect again is trying to experience the game as a male Shepard. The first time I played I opted to play as a female Shepard. Any opportunity to play as a female character in a game is a no brainer choice for me. I have succeeded in finishing the first Mass Effect game as a male Shepard, but have since stopped playing Mass Effect 2 in the last few months. I’m hoping to get around to finishing my male Shepard playthrough in the second game at some point, but I’ve put it aside to concentrate on games I haven’t finished yet. When it comes to Bioware titles, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll want to play it again for a different experience each time.

twewy_cover3. The World Ends With You. This delightful Square Enix title has been an amazing game experience from start to finish. Aside from the catchy soundtrack and the amount of pins still out there to collect for your hero Neku to use in battle, there’s the extras you still can playthrough after you’ve beaten the game the first time. It unlocks extra missions and it adds Secret Reports Neku can collect to give the player an even better understanding of the main story that isn’t fully explained the first time you play the game. This is one of those games that’s packed with plenty to do when you don’t have any newer games you want to play at the moment.

thewalkingdead_cover4. The Walking Dead: Season 1. Similar to the Bioware games, your decisions matter in how other characters react to your decisions and how key scenes play out. Obviously, there are certain aspects of the game you can’t change, which I won’t spoil here, but I’m always curious about what the alternate decision would look like if I had Lee do this instead of that. Was it the right call to kill this person or save them? Such subtle differences make it a draw to go back from the beginning to see what other possibilities are available to reach the same ending.

fireemblemawakening_logo5. Fire Emblem: Awakening. I’m sort of cheating by adding this one to the list. Unfortunately, this game is currently in the stage of needing to be finished. Despite its incomplete status in my backlog library, I know for a fact that this game will be something I’ll want to come back to after I finish my first run with it. The amount of different relationship pairings you can have to create a smart strategy team, not to mention the adorable interactions between the characters after each battle, makes it a game to keep playing again and again. I also have to try the perma-death option the game has, but it’ll be difficult to lose a character favorite if I make unwise strategy moves.

Have a game you wish you can replay, but just don’t have the time? Sound off in the comments section below!


9 thoughts on “Top Five Games I’d Replay If Time Weren’t An Issue”

  1. This is a great topic. For me I’d love to replay either some of the 3D Zelda games or Okami. They are probably the most lengthy games I play (I’m not really into RPGs), so I just don’t really have the time. Wish I did though!

  2. Oh, the trials of being an adult! I’ve got the full time job (not blogging or gaming related, either!), wife, house, and dog that needs attention, and I recently started taking grad classes. This is totally cutting in to my gaming time!

    As for games to go back and play, I got in to the Saints Row series late (3 and 4), so I would love go back to 1 and 2 to see how the characters developed in the to the lovable harbingers of chaos that they’ve become!

    Before a friend of mine somewhat forced me in to the Assassin’s Creed series, I was on my 3rd playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas, this time following Caesar’s quest line. Even going through yet a 3rd time, I was STILL uncovering new quests that I had missed in prior playthroughs!

    Dragon Age and Mass Effect are great games to playthough twice: once as a paragon and 2nd as an absolute Rebel. Punching the reporter is still required in my book, regardless of which path you’re trying to take.

    1. That’s the hardest thing about life getting in the way–not enough time to do all the fun things you used to do when you didn’t have a ton of responsibility.

      While I don’t have Saints Row 4 just yet, Saints Row 3 is a game I want to replay again as well. There are some alternative choices you could make in the game and a different ending you can get. At least I’ve been told that.

      I haven’t tried the non-Paragon route for Mass Effect yet, but it’s an alternative path I wish to try at some point when I have the chance!

      1. In the Rebel route, you basically mouth off to everyone and roll through the Citadel with both middle fingers raised!

        I can confirm for you that SR3 has 2 endings, based on your final choice at the end of the game. I was able to restore a save (autosave?) and replay the final mission to see both of them without replaying the entire game.

        For what its worth, there are plenty of ME inspired instances in SR4, including “Romancing” your teammates!

  3. Nice choices! We have such similar taste in games… I do replay Dragon Age: Origins every single year. I start a new playthrough on my birthday, because that’s when I started the game the first time. So that’s my tradition. =)

    But other than that… I agree that it is REALLY hard to find time to replay certain games. The ones I would love to make time for (besides Dragon Age and Mass Effect — always, always those ones…) are The Witcher 2 and maybe Final Fantasy XII. Those were both long, challenging games that are kind of too dense to get back into, but I just loved them. I miss them sometimes.

    1. That’s a great tradition to have! I really wish I could make playing Dragon Age a must to play no matter what, but it’s really difficult to fit time for it.

      I think when you own a really good but lengthy game, it’s hard to replay it again when you want to give other games you have a chance to be played too. It wouldn’t be too difficult to do if there were so few newer games you really want to play, but that’s extremely rare! 🙂

  4. Now here’s a thought: “The World Ends With U” — for the Wii U? (Haha…hmmm.) But seriously, I’d totally play a re-release of TWEWY — it was such an incredible game!

    I have to also agree with any of the Bioware games — if I had the time I’d absolutely give ME 1/2/3 another go. Besides that, I’d love to find time to replay the Fable series, and I’d also like to get back into the Final Fantasy games, which can be quite hefty time-wise.

    1. I totally agree with playing a re-release of TWEWY! I don’t have a Wii U at the moment, but it would be a good incentive to get one if they made it for that console. 🙂

      I also think it’s a given that if it’s a Bioware game, you’re going to want to replay it after you beat it the first time.

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