Video Games: What I’ve Been Playing Lately

The past couple of weeks have been pretty busy, but that just makes me treasure my video game time more than usual! Taking an hour or two to dive into a favorite game has been my retreat. Here’s what I’ve been playing lately:

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Kharjo, my newest follower...
Kharjo, my newest follower…

I’ve played Skyrim a couple of times before, but I’m vowing to keep my new character as my main and try to level up much more with her than I have with past characters. She’s a Khajiit named Sabe, and at the moment she’s around Level 22. I got the Hearthfire DLC last weekend and purposely jumped into the Dawnstar quests (“Waking Nightmare”) so I could become thane of Dawnstar and build the Hearthfire mansion in the Pale. It’s the snowy location, and on a clear day you can stand in a tower and see Dragonsreach in Whiterun, which is pretty cool. But now that I’m building, it makes me want to get out there and complete some more quest lines so I can decorate the house!

Also, can I just say that this new playthrough has been tiding me over until Elder Scrolls Online comes out… =)

Fire Emblem: Awakening

fire-emblem-awakeningWhen did I first start playing Fire Emblem: Awakening? According to my blog, it was sometime last March — which means I’ve been playing it for almost a year! And that’s the same playthrough. Which is crazy. It is an RPG, and it is long, but the real reason it’s taking me so long to play to the end is that I keep picking it up and putting it down. It actually works well that way. I’m savoring it as long as it lasts.

The Wolf Among Us

the-wolf-among-us-1With the second episode of Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us out this week, I’m super excited to be playing through more of the story tomorrow morning. It took what felt like forever for this episode to be released, but I don’t want to replay the first episode quite yet. I want to have one playthrough — no chance to go back and “fix” mistakes or try things a different way. As with The Walking Dead games, I like to have one canon playthrough before I redo any single episode!

I really enjoyed the first installment in this series. The Telltale Games format works really well with a mystery, and I love the art style of the series. I’m reading the Fables comics (The Wolf Among Us is based on them) this month to learn a little more about this world.

And speaking of Telltale, I’m looking forward to playing The Walking Dead season 2, too! I might wait until all of the episodes are out and play them all at once, though. Waiting so long between The Wolf Among Us episodes is hard enough!

Game of the Month…

I’m also getting started on my New Year’s Resolution to play and actually finish one new game a month from now on. (I’m going to say one two-hour episode of The Wolf Among Us doesn’t count!) I have a few possible games in mind, but I think a Phoenix Wright game might win this month… I will keep you posted on my blog and publish a review when I’m finished with the February game. =)

What’s everybody else been playing lately?

— Ashley

12 thoughts on “Video Games: What I’ve Been Playing Lately”

    1. The games are pretty much the same from a gameplay standpoint. However, the storyline is very different and very good, so if that’s what you enjoyed most about TWD, then it’s very much worth it.

    2. Yeah, same thing in terms of dialogue choices, some moral decisions, different paths to take that affect what happens next in the story, and QTEs. I like it better than TWD because I enjoy the The Wolf Among Us mystery storyline more, and the art style is fantastic… similar to TWD but a different color scheme, etc.

  1. A beta I will not name, Hearthstone, and WindWaker HD.

    The last one not enough though! I need to make serious headway on it tomorrow so I don’t feel terrible buying Bravely Default on Monday!

  2. You already know it’s Kingdoms of Amalur for me! I have also dabbled in Animal Crossing too for those days when I can’t fire up the console to focus on my video game challenge pick. 🙂

    1. Yep! I’m like that with my 3DS too. It’s great to play games on there when I’m too tired or busy to play anything else. Sometimes I’ll just go to bed early and sit up playing on my 3DS for a little bit. It’s a great way to end a long day!

  3. Its times like this when I regret trading in games like Skyrim, although I did keep the included map!

    I recently completed AC4 and Ryse, it to Pass the time I dl’d Mirror’s Edge off XBLA since they were having an EA sale. I’ve heard plenty of great things about and it was available for ~$5, so why not? Turns out its been living up to the hype!

    1. Nice choices. And oh yeah, that Skyrim map! I still have that too, but I haven’t done anything with it. I feel the need to geek out and hang it up somewhere now…

      I have been hearing so many great things about AC4. I’m going to wait until I can devote tons of time to it — like if I get a week off for vacation or something — but yeah. We’ll see if I can hold out until then… =)

  4. I feel like I have been jumping back and forth between so many games lately. Let’s see, nearly finished with Broken Age on PC, the Bravely Default demo is excellent, and way too much Threes on the iPad. Seriously, if you have an iOS device, buy Threes and enjoy hours of puzzle gaming goodness.

    1. Ooh how is Broken Age? I should check that out. I also can’t wait to get Bravely Default! I haven’t heard of Threes, but I don’t have an iOS device. I seriously love puzzle games though, and it’s been a while since I played one. I’m deprived!

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