Quest Update Episode 6 – Don’t You Wish Your Intern Was Hot Like Me?

Episode 6 was a bit of a half-assed mess, mostly because there was more time spent playing Guild Wars 2 than there was actually doing any kind of show prep, thanks to our intern Talon. We started of course with our week in gaming, and then tried to jump into a discussion about Nintendo but started talking about other random things. We took a moment of silence for a nVidia employee who was hit by a train, but then we didn’t want to end on a down note so we announced our new and awesome partnership with Geek Force Network.

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Biofeedback Horror Game Monitors How Scared You Become


Nevermind, a horror game currently trying to reach its goal on Kickstarter, is the first horror game that uses biofeedback to monitor just how scared the player becomes while playing. The more frightened the player becomes, the more difficult the game becomes, in turn, helping the player to manage their anxiety. Continue reading Biofeedback Horror Game Monitors How Scared You Become

Don’t Call It A Comeback

At my local comic book store, there is a section dedicated to adaptations from other media aptly titled, “TV/Movie/Video Game Comics.”  Alongside fresh titles for recent tie-ins, I have noticed a surge of comics that are providing dormant properties with a rebirth.   It is here that I have found newer comics based on cult classics like Army of Darkness, Firefly, and Galaxy Quest.  I am pleasantly surprised to see these comics, if for nothing else to know that there are other fans who adamantly wanted more adventures for these beloved characters.  The same warm fuzzy feeling takes over when I hear news of an old favorite game getting ported to a newer console (or better yet, any HD re-release by M2).  Naturally, when these two media intersect, the feeling is only magnified.

svchaosSNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos was first released by SNK-Playmore for the arcade and Neo-Geo home console in July 2003.  For most of us in the States, we wouldn’t experience the game until it made its debut as an Xbox console exclusive in October of the following year.  As the only SNK-developed game in this particular Vs. series, SVC Chaos stands out from its predecessors.  The game looks and plays more like King of Fighters rather than so many other Capcom-developed titles.  Perhaps it is because of this difference that the game never had lasting (or immediate) appeal.  More likely, it is the extremely unbalanced character tiers and limited release that doomed SVC Chaos to the land of underwhelming games.

SVC1In spite of all of these flaws, I loved SVC Chaos, particularly for its interesting character selections from the more obscure titles.  Amongst the usual Street Fighter and Fatal Fury rosters were oddball gems like Firebrand from Ghost and Goblins and Mars People from Metal Slug.  The game had a much darker look compared to the Capcom-developed Vs. titles, which made it stand out and seem just a little bit cooler to a college-aged kid.  To top it all off, there was a comic series released to further chronicle the in-game story; something that Capcom never seemed to get off the ground for their other Vs. games. Continue reading Don’t Call It A Comeback