Songs that cut through the winter doldrums


February is a rather moody month, isn’t it? It’s short. It’s winter for many. And it hosts one of the most contested holidays going — Valentine’s Day. (And happy to you today, if it’s something you like to/must celebrate.) Chocolate hearts and flowers aside, by the time February rolls around each year, I’m usually yearning for warm weather. Simply yearning. I’m not one to suffer from seasonal affective disorder, but winter definitely puts a damper on my mood generally.  Things become elevated in December with Christmas cheer, but after that, a mild depression sets in, and life becomes doubly hard and unpleasant. But I’ve found a solution in music, the fixer of all things bad and the lifter of all things better. A couple years ago I created a playlist specifically for turning bad moods to good, and it’s become a February staple for me. It contains a mix of dance music, bad music, guilty pleasures, songs to sing in the shower, and genuinely silly stuff that you’d have to be dead inside to not laugh at. If you’re feeling down because of winter, because of Valentine’s Day, or because life sucks for any number of reasons, here are six mood-lifting songs from my playlist that are guaranteed to get you up, moving, and smiling.

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