Surprise Appearances by Bunnies in Geek TV

This is my bunny.
This is my bunny.

So I live with my sister, and we have a pet rabbit. Before my sister adopted the bunny and brought him to San Francisco, I never thought much about rabbits — but now I’m mildly obsessed. One of the highlights of any day (for the bunny-obsessed part of me, anyway) is reading the words of wisdom from Bunny Buddhism in my Twitter feed. I look for bunny jewelry and clothes. And anytime a rabbit appears in one of my favorite shows, I get a little giddy. Here are some of my favorite surprise bunny appearances so far:

Bluebell (Sherlock)

bluebell 2

Bluebell is one of the best guest stars on Sherlock, if you count animal characters. Which I always do. At Baskerville, a secretive Ministry of Defence research base, researchers have created a luminous rabbit by implanting the fluorescent jellyfish gene. The result is Bluebell, the glow-in-the-dark bunny. If you’re doubting how special this rabbit is, just do a Google search and enjoy the fan fiction, memes, fan art, and T-shirts that little Bluebell has spawned.


The Rabbit in “Day of the Doctor” (Doctor Who)

bunny pic

In the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, the 10th Doctor goes head to head with a rabbit, thinking the little guy is a monstrous alien taking the form of a bunny. It only takes a few seconds for the Doctor to realize the bunny is not a threat but “basically just a rabbit, aren’t you?”


The White Rabbit (Star Trek: The Original Series)

We all know the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland: He’s late, he’s super upset about it, and he’s wearing a lot of clothes. But he also makes a creative appearance in the Star Trek: TOS episode “Shore Leave.” It involves a planet that scans visitors’ thoughts and conjures up illusions for them — hence McCoy’s illusion of a giant rabbit and Alice running around on the planet’s surface. This White Rabbit may not be the cutest, but he gets points for being a bizarre and funny surprise in Star Trek.


— Ashley


4 thoughts on “Surprise Appearances by Bunnies in Geek TV”

    1. Ahhh he doesn’t have an official name! Originally we thought he was a girl, so her name was “Penny.” Then, after almost a full year of having him, we took him to the vet and learned he was a boy… but it’s been hard getting a new name to stick! We call him “Bunz” but give him new nicknames when we feel inspired.

  1. Aww… cute bunny. I love pets, but have never had a bunny. Can’t think of any bunnies on geeky TV shows I’ve watched. Only one that is coming to mind is Pancakes on The O.C. Not really a geeky TV show. Seth Cohen was a geek though, so maybe it wouldn’t be totally out of place here.

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