A Week in Gaming – Keep On Keeping On

This week I didn’t play a whole lot of “new” stuff, as there wasn’t much to play. The Last of Us “Left Behind” did come out on Valentine’s Day but since I have yet to play it I’m stuck talking about some of my other, less interesting (for you, not for me) exploits. 


First things first, I spent some time replaying Episode 2 of Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us series, which was released a couple of weeks back. I realize that with this series I find myself replaying the episodes more than I did with Telltale’s The Walking Dead. I think part of it is because there is a trophy/achievement for each episode of The Wolf Among Us that required you to at least play one chapter a different way or make the other choice where two clear choices are presented. Since I was to get the platinum trophy for this game it’s necessary and of course doesn’t hurt since it’s an awesome game.

The other part is probably just that I really like this series and want to make sure all my choices are perfect. You know how it is with these Telltale games, sometimes you make your decisions too fast and don’t mind going back through to fix things up. When it’s this good, who cares right?


This week I also started to play Battlefield 4 more regularly.  I’ve had it since last November and used to play it a lot, but lost interest somewhere along the way. I recently decided to get back into it when I have free time. It’s a great way to kill some time while waiting for games like Thief and Infamous Second Son, which are coming out pretty soon (SUCH HYPE).

I have been working on my stats mostly. I used to have a pretty decent kill/death ratio but lately it’s gone down to the tubes. Most of that, I believe, is due to my play style and how it just doesn’t stack with the average player. I am rather fond of the assault class so I tend to run around with my rifle and heal/defibrillate others but that gets me killed way more than it should, making the gap between kills and deaths too far to bridge in a single match.

It ultimately results in a negative KDR for the round and when it happens more often that not then my overall KDR gets trashed. So I’ve been trying to play in a way that allows me to be a medic and help others while still getting more kills that deaths, and it’s been tough. Practice makes perfect though and I’m slowly but surly figuring it all out.

Check out my Battlelog if your interested, if you play on the PS4 we may be able to play some matches together!

Aside from that I haven’t been up to much other than being lazy, lying around watching Batman: The Animated Series when I’m not writing or playing something. What have you folks been up to this past week? Let’s hear it!

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