This ancient Chinese instrument can mimic the Super Mario Bros. score

Several video game-loving musicians have showcased their musical talents by playing through the Super Mario Bros. theme. This Chinese instrument, however, almost perfectly mimics the popular theme song. Continue reading This ancient Chinese instrument can mimic the Super Mario Bros. score

Virtual True Stories

Last week, Dark Horse Comics posted the first of a four-issue series called EVE: True Stories.  What makes these tales stand out from their video game comic brethren is that they actually happened(well, more or less).  Unlike the actions in Mario or Sonic games that occur every time a player sits down to play, the details in EVE: True Stories chronicle an online event that involved thousands of players back in 2009.

EVETrueStories1I must admit to having almost no experience with EVE: Online, save for knowledge of its existence as a vast and complex massively multiplayer game.  I have seen screenshots of intergalactic battle cruisers and read stories of the need for economic analysis of the game world, both of which made the experience of play seem rather daunting.  Having read the first issue of True Stories, I am at least a bit curious about this rather social spacecraft simulation.  The artwork is made up of heavy contrast and shadows which serve to heighten the sense of espionage and cunning in the plot thus far.  These dark illustrations come as no surprise considering artist Tomm Coker’s work on Daredevil: Noir.  The well-paced story is written by Daniel Way, who has quite a bit of experience working with Marvel Comics (of note, Wolverine: Origins).  Overall, the first issue is worth a read, especially considering that Dark Horse is offering it as a free digital comic.

What makes this entire comic book event rather exciting is the potential of such a collaboration.  With the advent of capture technology and Let’s Play videos, game enthusiasts have been able to share their experiences with the world at large like never before.  Those fierce skirmishes in Halo or the epic raids in World of Warcraft are no longer confined to a handful of screens.  The stories that players create in eSports competitions become international news.  And thanks to the efforts of CCP Games and Dark Horse Comics, there is one more outlet that chronicles the tales of games and the players behind them.

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All images courtesy of the EVE: Online Community