This ancient Chinese instrument can mimic the Super Mario Bros. score

Several video game-loving musicians have showcased their musical talents by playing through the Super Mario Bros. theme. This Chinese instrument, however, almost perfectly mimics the popular theme song.

The sheng is a Chinese wind instrument that normally consists of 17 bamboo pipes set in a wind-chest where the musician blows through a mouthpiece. Several modern versions of the instrument exist, however, the actual instrument can be dated back to the Han Dynasty.

This performer used the sheng to play out the Super Mario Bros. theme at a concert in Taiwan which includes some of the in-game sound effects… and it all sounds nearly perfect. There’s a possibility that this particular sheng was altered to allow the mimicking of 8-bit music, but it’s still very impressive regardless.

The beauty of music integrated into our favorite games is a priceless value, and performers like this may embed these familiar tunes into our culture forever. Even though video games and systems will become outdated and swept into a forgotten history, the music has the power to remain and influence the future of the industry.

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