Full Force: Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

Full Force is GFN’s weekly look at some of the biggest news in geekdom, from video games to anime to movies and everything in between. We also welcome your comments below, if you want to join the conversation. This week, our panelists talk about the full trailer from the upcoming movie Guardians of the Galaxy.


Guardians of the Galaxy, set for release on August 1, just released a full trailer and the first poster for the movie. What were your impressions?

Murf: It was infinitely more charming than I had expected. I know absolutely nothing about the comics it is based on or its characters. I followed the film’s pre-production somewhat since a lot of names and buzz have gone into it, but the premise never excited me. The trailer really changed that. I am excited to see more now!

simpleek: I’m not really familiar with Guardians of the Galaxy when the movie was first announced to be set for production. Either way, the movie looks good from the trailer and I’m excited to discover what these characters and the world is about.

Also, Chris Pratt! He never really caught my attention before, but after seeing him looking sexy and rugged in the trailer…let’s just say my eyes will be glued to the screen the whole time I watch the movie.

Chip: My only exposure to the Guardians so far has been with Rocket Raccoon in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.  I know next to nothing about these weirdos, so there isn’t any comic book nostalgia that compels me to watch.  That being said, the movie has sunk its claws into me.  I get a sort of “sci-fi comedy with heart” vibe from this trailer(something in the vein of Cowboy Bebop or Firefly), which sounds great to me.  I might actually see this one in the theaters with a bag of overpriced popcorn.

As an aside, “Hooked on a Feeling” has now been stuck in my head for days without end.  I am sure that song is going to see a resurgence in popularity this year, and all without the help of a creepy CG dancing baby.

simpleek: I’ve been singing “Hooked on a Feeling” ever since I saw the trailer too! Such a good song and it surprisingly fits well in the trailer.

Crystal: I.. I’m hooked on a feelin’ High on believin’, that you’re in love with meeeee! I don’t have anything else to say at the moment. I’ll come back later.

LadyCroft3: My boyfriend is a huge Marvel Comics fan (I’m a DC person myself, to be honest) so I’ve been really up to date with this movie through him. Don’t get me wrong, I love these superhero action flicks regardless of what my boyfriend likes, but I may not have been super interested in this particular one right off the bat if it hadn’t been for him. I think it looks promising and from what I have heard of the characters it sounds like it will be a really fun movie. Plus, Rocket Raccoon is too cute for words.

Crystal: I’m excited to see the movie! As someone else who isn’t familiar with the comics (I’ll eventually become a comic nerd), it seems to be a nice push away from the lingering presence of the Avengers. For me, it’s cool to move away from all of these well-known superheroes that have been shoved in our faces and focus on something else for a change. Plus, it takes away my focus from the new Fantastic Four cast. Which we should totally talk about sometime *wink wink*

Shaun: I’m worried. Because they’ve done such a great job of selling me on a stranger comic book movie concept than I’m used to, and now I’m really hoping they can back it up with a quality film. Let’s say I’m…cautiously optimistic.

Also, who knew the dork from Parks and Rec would be an action movie star? First Zero Dark Thirty, and now Guardians. He’s done well for himself!

Chris: The trailer has me more interested than I was before. For some reason I enjoy the idea of Rocket Raccoon running around and ruining people’s days. I don’t see a ton of things in theaters, but GotG might just make the cut.

Guardians features a group of heroes with a little less clout than, say, the Avengers. Does a more minimalist approach help or hinder your interest in the movie?

Murf: It helps, for sure. The Avengers was solid, but I had a ton of expectation for it to live up to. For most part, it did, but I still prefer the first Iron Man and Thor movies. I think a clean slate of heroes to work with, while still contributing to the overall development of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is a great idea.

Chris: I’m kinda with Murf here on enjoying some of the origin stories more than the Avengers in some ways, especially Iron Man, which might be my favorite of all the Marvel movies so far. So with that in mind, I’m kind of okay with the idea of some more down-to-earth folks with less OP powers.

simpleek: I love the Avengers and I think with Guardians it has the potential to set itself apart from that successful franchise. The Avengers have the big cool toys to work with, while the Guardians have to work with their unique, individual skills and other resources to save the world. The minimalist approach will also remind people who aren’t familiar with this set of comic book heroes that this isn’t going to be an Avengers wannabe. It’s different and that’s exactly how it should be. Will it rake in as much money as the Avengers did when it hit theaters? That remains to be seen. I do love a good comic book film and this is on my list of movies to watch in the summer.

Chip: As we have seen in the past with box office crap like Spider-Man 3 and X-Men: The Last Stand, choosing a super-hero with a strong fan base does not guarantee a solid movie.  Choosing a set of characters that is lesser known to the general public affords the filmmakers some wiggle room to create a great movie without caving in to fan pressure.  I did enjoy watching The Avengers, but I haven’t returned to the movie since I first watched it because it felt like a bombastic excuse to show off how cool Marvel’s properties can be.  Guardians of the Galaxy seems like it will focus more on crafting an engaging sci-fi story instead of a series of, “look how awesome *INSERT SUPER HERO* is when they fight!”

LadyCroft3: I definitely think it helps. It’s nice to see a departure from movies like The Avengers as far as “typical” superheros go. Like simpleek said, I think this it has a great chance of setting itself apart which means it will be unique; which of course is great.

Crystal: I’m here for the raccoon. In all seriousness, I think it’ll be a nice change of pace. One thing about making Marvel movies is the fact that you eventually have to start combining stories of different superheroes (which is already happening). In this, we get to see a bit of a more sci-fi flick that kind of pulls away from the “every superhero battles in New York” atmosphere.

Shaun: Helps. Honestly, the idea that they’re smaller is one of the reasons I’m intrigued. If they just assembled a team on par with the Avengers out of nowhere (cough Justice League movie cough), it would be pretty disappointing after sitting through the six or so movies that built up to the Avengers.

Plus, if word is to be believed, the next Avengers is going to be a bit darker. Guardians might be the lighter, funnier film we need to balance the tone of the Marvel universe.

Marvel continues to make money hand over fist with its huge superhero franchises, and despite that blueprint, DC seems to be considerably behind the game. What, if anything, should DC do with its own licenses to try to compete?

Murf: I was really excited when the rumors involved having the Arrow TV universe be involved. DC definitely has a leg up on Marvel when it comes to television. Arrow has proven that lesser known heroes can work with the right handler and some time. If the Flash spin-off can match Arrow’s success, then that argument becomes a lot stronger.

Other than that, DC’s job is pretty difficult. Marvel didn’t have to deal with established movie legacies for their biggest Avengers, while Superman and Batman have been around in movies for decades. If their versus debut can bring them together in a meaningful way, there may be hope. Otherwise, I’d rather stick to their animated movies (which are frankly better than every comic book movie save maybe The Dark Knight Returns).

simpleek: Plenty of people have said DC should do a Justice League movie and I think it’s something they should consider. I’d love to see Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc. join forces to save the world. I can’t see how making a Justice League movie would be unsuccessful when Marvel has already proven to be successful in making big budget movies that are good, like the Avengers.

I do agree with Murf that DC is more successful in producing good TV shows, but are behind in the Hollywood game when it comes to establishing their superhero brand onscreen. Come on, why hasn’t there been a Wonder Woman movie?! There are a ton of fans out there that have been saying they should have made one a long time ago. Instead, the studios keep focusing on breathing new life into Superman and Batman. DC would be wise to look into their other vault of superheroes that would make a great movie. You can’t tell me that Superman and Batman are their ONLY interesting heroes from DC. Wonder Woman, anyone?

LadyCroft3: I think DC needs to pull the focus away from characters like Batman and Superman as standalones, like simpleek said. I love most of the Batman movies (hey, even some of the cheesy ones are fun to watch) and Man of Steel was great, but people are being overly saturated due to the long line of successful and unsuccessful movies following both characters. There are quite a few other characters that could be main characters in a movie (Aquaman, Green Arrow (even though he already has a TV show), The Flash, Nightwing, Batwoman, The Teen Titans, Green Lantern (a better version than the one that was already made, please), etc.). As Murf said though, it is true that DC television shows are more successful at this point so that’s also a direction they could take their characters in the future.

Simpleek also mentioned a Justice League movie and I think that is a great idea considering their mainstays (Batman/Superman) would be involved but not as main characters since it’s a group thing. I’d also really like to see a Wonder Woman movie. It’s been talked about a lot and seemingly shot down by Hollywood (I think people are still scared to make a movie featuring such a prominent female lead which is a terrible reason… but whatever) but she has a such great roots and a lot of depth to her comics, a great movie could easily be made in her honor with the right director, writer and cast.

Shaun: Agreed, LadyCroft, although it’s worth mentioning that after the Green Lantern debacle, I don’t know how much I trust DC to handle the less mainstream heroes…but yes, we need to flesh out the universe, and I really don’t understand why Marvel’s model is being copied almost exactly. It’s successful, obviously, and fans love it – why not give us what we want? We want to give you our money, DC! And I’ve said it before, but you know what would be a great start? Incorporate the Arrow TV show! It’s the best DC media offering other than the Dark Knight Trilogy…ever, as far as I’m concerned, and the characters are fleshed out and grounded enough to make it work. Do it!

I’m half excited, half horrified by some of the casting choices in Batman vs. Superman. Let’s hope it’s the movie DC needs it to be, because everyone wins when good superhero movies come out.

Crystal: I agree with everyone else’s statements. Superman and Batman, while they’re still cool to see, have kind of fogged up the screen time when it comes to DC characters. Perhaps DC could find a better platform in television, building up the stories of these characters in shows like Smallville and Arrow instead of trying to compete with Marvel by releasing repetitive films. I think it would be interesting to introduce characters on television and then eventually pull from the casts in order to make a movie with the Justice League.

Chris: A Justice League movie seems smart on the surface, which is why I can’t help but wonder what in the world DC is doing. I would have thoroughly enjoyed a serious, Christopher Nolan-led Justice League movie that wrapped the Dark Knight trilogy (and its actors) into the fold, but apparently that’s never going to happen. Now, on the heels of a mediocre Man of Steel and the strange choice of Ben Affleck as Batman — although the jury is still out on how good he’ll be — I find myself less interested.


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