A Week in Gaming – “It’s Grand Theft Everything Up In Here”

This week I have been sipping tea, eating cookies and stealing lots of things. Before you go off and call the police, let me clarify: I acquired Thief this week and have been enjoying the heck out of it.

Thief has been met with an odd range of review scores, some being in the 90’s and others in the 60’s and below. I personally recommend focusing on the positive reviews for this one, if you are the type who follows reviews. Don’t let the lack of consistency across the board disrupt you from checking this game out because it is loads of fun and you shouldn’t let a few bad scores spoil that fun for you.

With a tagline such as “What’s yours is mine” you can image just what the basic theme of this game is – to steal all the things. The streets are littered with locked boxes that are just asking to have their locks picked, shiny jeweled objects catching your thieving eye at every angle and pockets that are ripe for the picking. It’s rather fun to spend your time searching about for hidden passages and lootable objects between chapters instead of going on with the game’s narrative. That’s not to say the narrative is bad, because it’s not, but who knew that in-game thieving on this scale could be so fun?


Something that has really drawn me into this game (besides all the theft) is the main protagonist – Garret. I love his suave, cocky personality and the passion he puts into his chosen art form – being a master thief. He’s the best at what he does and he knows it. Garret makes playing the game that much more fun, he exudes confidence which transcends the video game world and affects the player. I find myself saying things like “That’s right, I’m too good for your slow ass Mr. Guard Man” and feeling generally good at what I am doing. This holds a lot of weight with me considering that the game is centered around stealth gameplay which I, for lack of a better phrase, suck eggs at in general. Thief is one of the first full-fledged stealth games that I have really enjoyed.

If you have played Dishonored and enjoyed the stealth aspects of the game, you’ll love Thief because it’s like that but more defined and smoothed out (ie better). I appreciated the fact that it is also well-balanced as far as difficulty goes. Since I am terrible and stealth games it’s nice to have a variety of difficulties that mean what they say. The normal difficulty feels normal. Not too hard, not too easy. Just what I wanted. There are a variety of difficulties to appeal to all kinds of gamers, from the hardcore stealth masters to the folks who are new to the genre. It’s perfect for all audiences in that respect.

Moral of this story? Thief rocks. I recommend you play it if you are in any way interested in these types of games. It’s gorgeous, it’s fun, it’s enjoyable, and it’s downright entertaining.

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Looking for more of my thoughts on Thief? Be sure to keep an eye out via any of the above links for my review of the game later on this week. 


6 thoughts on “A Week in Gaming – “It’s Grand Theft Everything Up In Here””

  1. I’ve only gotten to the 3rd chapter so far and have enjoyed every minute! What irked me most about the negative reviews was that they constantly focused on the combat mechanics. Dude, its THIEF! The main point if the game is Theft and hiding in shadows!

    But to agree with the critics, the buggy ambient voices are annoying. I can walk down an alley and around the corner and still here the same convo at full volume. That needs to be fixed!

    1. Yeah, negativity in regards to the combat system is pretty silly considering the fact that it’s a stealth game. I think the combat is pretty good, all things considered 🙂

      They do need to patch some of those sound glitches. I swear if I have to hear about Polly Adler being the best Dockfrock in the Skinmarket one more time I’m going to snap. Haha

    1. It seems to be getting a lot of positive praise from players and mixed thoughts from reviewers. Personally, I trust the players more! Glad you are loving it, so am I 😀

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