Solving the USB Headphone Problem

I am no audiophile. When it comes to sound technology, the basics will do. I do spend a lot of time talking on the Internet, however, so a headset is a must own. The problem is that my headset is USB. If I want to use it, then I have to waste time plugging it, unplugging it, or fiddling around with sound settings.

Maybe you are thinking that this may be the ultimate first world problem. “God forbid you have to unplug a cord,” you think to yourself. My philosophy when it comes to technology is that convenience matters a lot. Some things should just work in a straight-forward, easy to understand matter. That’s why when I found SoundSwitch, I felt my life had changed.

Screenshot 2014-03-01 12.45.32

SoundSwitch is a simple application for Windows. It’s sole purpose is to set up a hotkey which allows you to switch audio sources on the fly. In other words, I press a button, and my audio switches from my speakers to my USB headphones. No plugging, unplugging, or sound setting wrestling need – just pure convenience.

I also should mention that I use it for a Wireless speaker I keep on hand as well. I prefer a speaker for listening to things in bed so I don’t have little hunks of plastic lodged in my ear when I eventually fall asleep. Oh and once I had a cat who ate earbuds, especially while he was already laying on my stomach in the dead of night while I was sleeping.

Screenshot 2014-03-01 12.45.43

I hit the ‘Pause’ button on my keyboard (frankly, it needed a use) and my audio output alternates between its three choices. Simply, quickly, universally. SoundSwitch also has an option to launch when your computer starts, making it even more convenient.

I know this isn’t much of a post and it is a highly specific use, but it is the small stuff like this that get me excited to look for new hacks, tips, and apps. Sure, it isn’t difficult to unplug a USB cord, but it is added frustration that I don’t need.

Even first world problems need fixing sometimes.

You can find SoundSwitch here. It is open source and I encountered no annoying ads or special offer options.

2 thoughts on “Solving the USB Headphone Problem”

  1. This has nothing to do with ear cords-it was a new Power Adapter that made me happy (not the price $80) for my MacBook – I had no idea adapters possessed the nerve to unadapt. My graphic bkgd made me a Mac snob but with Apple’s high costs, I may switch to the other team soon-Go PC! Thank you for your techiness, the world needs more of you. I wish one of you lived under my computer desk.
    newbie blogger and lousy techie

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