A Week in Gaming – The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 2

This week episode two of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead Season 2 was released for all to enjoy. I want to talk about it a little, sum up my experience and just leave this post open for some discussion since, due to the game’s nature, we all have differing experiences. I think it goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS IN THIS ARTICLE. BOTH WRITTEN AND IN THE IMAGES. BEWARE!


So for me, the episode started out with Nick and Clem in a safe room type thing surrounded by zombies and Nick being a total bummer. He was upset that I didn’t go save his Uncle Pete and I had to tell him that I didn’t save Pete because he had been bitten. Nick was pretty down for a while and while Clem was looking around trying to find a way to get out he was talking about dying. I cheered him up, we tried to leave, zombies attacked and he told me to go so I did. When I got back  to the house everyone was flipping out and Clem was asked to stay home with Carlos’ daughter while they went out looking for all the people who left to find Nick and Clem in the first place.

While looking after the girl, this guy came to the door and Carlos’ daughter was scared so Clementine took care of it. Some guy came in with this fake smile and “cheery” disposition which was unsettling. He searched the house, Clem was sassy, he left. When everyone got back and Clem told them that the guy came by they flipped out again and decided to leave because that guy (who is named Carver even though he told Clem his name was George) is bad news. We found Nick, who was alive and well, and started out immediately. We got to a bridge that Luke and Clem decided to go scope it out while the others took a break. After some trial and error stuff they met a dude who offered them food and a place to stay. Then Nick ran up and shot the dude and everyone was flipping out again. Everyone (except the dude Nick shot) made it across the bridge and we eventually found the dude’s camp place which lead Clem to a pretty sweet knife. At this point it was almost dark and everyone pushed on to a ski resort lodge and met some new friends – as well as an old one.


As a huge Kenny fan, this pleased me. After meeting Kenny they all headed inside the lodge which is inhabited by Kenny, his new girlfriend Sarita, a man named Walter and his partner Matthew (who is “on a walk” at this time). After some chit-chat they all sat down for dinner and Clem sat with Kenny and Sarita instead of Luke and Carlos. She didn’t care, Kenny is the bomb and she barely knows the other people. There’s a little sass between Kenny and Luke, the dinner is over, and Clem heads outside with Walter. While outside the two see this girl looking in the house and they ask her what she is doing. She says she needs food, Walter (being the nicest person ever) gives her a whole crate of food and she scurries on. Matthew isn’t back yet and Clem gets worried as Luke pulls her aside and shows her a photo he found of Walter and his partner Matthew, who happens to be the dude that Nick shot earlier. The plot thickens.

As Clementine goes off to hide the knife she took from the dude who got shot (Matthew) she finds out that she is too late, Walter already found it. He knows that Matthew must be dead and asks Clem if Nick did it since Walter overheard him talking about shooting a guy. Clementine was honest, and said that Nick did it but that he is a good guy and is sorry. Nick comes out, there is some heat, then Walter just sulks off as the windmill generator goes crazy which attracts a horde of zombies. The group works together to shut it down and kill the zombies when all of a sudden more gunfire comes out of the treeline. That Carver guy who searched the house earlier and made everyone leave in the first place is there and so is that girl who wanted the food and a guy. She sold the group out. That jerk. The bad guys hold everyone hostage in the house except Luke and Kenny, who were off doing something or other somewhere else.


Long story short, Clem runs out to find Kenny and Luke instead of giving herself up along with the pregnant woman and her husband Alvin. Carver wants the pregnant chick since she is carrying his child but since she is hiding he decides to beat up Carlos in front of his daughter until they come out. Clem finds Kenny, he shoots the random bad guy and then Carver grabs Walter and executes him. Next he kills Alvin. Then we gave ourselves up as Carver threatens to kill Sarita next. With all of the group present (except the dead folks), Carver tells us he is bringing them to his home and the episode ends. It was so intense.

Whew. What a doozy! So that was my generalized wrap up. What did you experience? What were you happy/sad/mad/etc. about? Did you enjoy this episode? What do you think will happen next? Let’s talk about it!

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