Brodie Plays Brutal DOOM | Part 2 – No More Choppy!

I keep going with the awesomeness of Brutal DOOM, and this one’s not choppy! Well, until the end… If you like this video, please help me out by clicking the Like, Subscribe, and Share buttons, and feel free to leave your comments!!

Fan Comics and Zines, Please!

With every turn of winter into spring, I get an itch to reorganize my life.  The resolutions of the new year have settled into routine, so it’s time to clean up the GIMMGP Headquarters and toss out some of the old crap that is cluttering the place.

First thing to go are the clothes that are no longer worn; those shirts I have outgrown (figuratively and physically) and pants that have been worn to tatters.  Next comes the bits and baubles that I no longer need.  Stocking stuffers, ironic gifts, old appliances; anything that just takes up space and wastes time is donated or re-gifted.  Finally I get to the nitty-gritty: deciding what media should find a happy new home.  As a man of many hobbies, this is the hardest part of spring cleaning.  I tend to hoard books, movies, and games more than anything else (save for video game brochures), and it’s tough to part with any of my lovelies.

To make matters worse, going through my piles of stuff leads to discovery of some forgotten gem that has languished on the shelf.  On this particular archeological dig, I have unearthed the collection of video game fan comics and zines that I have amassed over the years.  While the bigger comic book publishers tend to have many shiny titles to their name, some of the greatest comics I own have come from independent artists and writers.  Let’s take a look at the most treasured of these books, shall we? Continue reading Fan Comics and Zines, Please!