Feed Your Passion, Check-In Your Fear At The Door

Everyone has something they’re passionate about. Some like to paint. Others like to dance. Some may even like taking photos of the world outside. Whatever your passion is, you simply abandon yourself in it and you don’t worry if you’re good at it or not. What matters is you love something and you indulge in it. It’s when you stop doing what really matters to you that you lose a piece of yourself.

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Quest Update! Episode 10 – Free to Win

Topics for this episode – More stories from Crusader Kings II, why Pay to Win models suck, a man gets stabbed with the Master Sword, the Batman game we talked about last episode was NOT a rumour, and your Steam library can now be shared. The server address for the public Starbound server Trevor and Cory were on is star.tartarusrealms.com, no username or password required. Stream it here or click here to download and put on your iThing to listen whenever you want.