Little Ripples into Big Waves

So last week so the launch of season two of the King-Of-The-Hill tournament we’ve been running – great stuff, more epic clashes and a hundred slight improvements we’re itching to implement for season 3. That’s still 8 games of though so no massive KOTH news (although you can catch up with the action here).

More importantly, I’d like to announce some wholescale restructuring. From here on out, Ra’II is being disbanded, it’s members joining the Wave group to become the new Wave.Int team!

This is a fantastic opportunity for us, and for me personally as the Wave isn’t only a players organization – its for casters/commentators/coaches/tournament admins and newbies too! If you’ve got a Dota itch or you think you might be suffering from the early symptoms, feel free to get in touch with us regardless of skill level by leaving a comment expressing your interest below., and we’ll hook you up.

Of course, I’m on this site as a video contributor. Things have been progressing wonderfully rthere as well, as I’ve taken full advantage of the jDL and have a host of pro games in the playlist below (as well as some other fun stuff) featuring the likes of Fnatic, Liquid, Titan and Scythe. Enjoy Amigos!

‘Idiocracy’ predictions that have not come true (and hopefully never will)

While I don’t mind a good, post-apocalyptic film that presents our future as bleak, gritty, and violent, I’d much rather spend time watching the comedic side of our possible future selves, like Back to the Future II (Biff takes over the world next year, right?) and Sleepers.  I recently re-watched one of my favorite entries in this genre(?), Idiocracy (2006).


If you’ve not seen this imperfect (it can be a bit too on-the-nose) yet hilarious Mike Judge movie, you simply must; and you must instead of reading this blog post. Because it has some SPOILERS. And also because you MUST see the movie. Do you see my face? That’s not a request.

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