The first English dub clip of Attack on Titan has been released

The popularity of the Attack on Titan anime has exploded since the Japanese release, igniting a future full of creepy Titans which include a Japanese live-action film (and a car commercial), and the English dub release of the anime. I’ve never been a huge anime fan before Attack on Titan, and I really grew to enjoy watching it with subtitles, so when the announcement of the English dub version appeared, I was pretty skeptical. Continue reading The first English dub clip of Attack on Titan has been released

The Blue Bomber at his Best

One of the earliest articles I threw up here on Geek Force Network concerned a very odd (and lackluster) comic book that reimagined Mega Man as a junior high school student.  While this comic tried to break out of the usual story presented in the Mega Man series, the plot fell into yet another trope-filled rut and lost the support of fans by removing most of the iconic elements from the games.  It was a far cry from what I hope for in a comic book adaptation.

Ideally, a comic book adaptation should expand on the plot and characters featured in a video game.  There should be fresh perspectives on the stories we have grown up playing, or brand new adventures in which we can become immersed.  There could be humorous side tales with lesser-explored characters, or bonus content like creator interviews or fan art from professional illustrators.  The comic would serve as a standalone product that could entice readers to try out the games, as well as a loving tribute to its source material for fans to pour over.

In other words, every comic book creator should look to Mega Man Megamix for inspiration. Continue reading The Blue Bomber at his Best