Tournaments Everywhere!

Hey GFN!

Who here can say that the last week has been crazy exciting? I can. other than team captain davidy being hit by a car and having his computer break (he’s fine and we’re tentatively viewing these as unrelated incidents) we’ve suddenly gained a foothold in the casting underground. I’m expecting big things from my little circle of Wave casters in the next few weeks, and for this week’s GFN I’ll bring you one match from each of the tournaments we’ve covered this week:

Every Girl’s Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp Dressed Man

As ZZ Top said, what is it about a well-dressed male that makes people take notice? There really is nothing like a well-crafted, well-fitting outfit on a man, no matter his shape or size. But I’m not here to ramble on about men’s clothing generally, though this post is about clothing. Men’s suits, in fact. And really…only one man’s suits. The suits of Hannibal Lecter in TV’s Hannibal.

© NBCUniversal
© NBCUniversal

Though it took me a couple episodes to really chomp into the bit that was “television’s new number one drama!” of 2013, once the reins of Hannibal really slapped away at my sides, I was totally off. Or on. Err…I was a fan. Not a horse.  Anyway, before I get more off track (haha…sigh), Hannibal is a wonderful new TV series based on Thomas Harris‘s series of novels that introduced Hannibal Lecter to the world.  Continue reading Every Girl’s Crazy ‘Bout a Sharp Dressed Man