Smooth McGroove Releases Final Fantasy X Battle Theme Video

The Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster has been released… and I don’t have it yet. Which is depressing considering that X is one of my favorite titles in the series (following VIII). Smooth McGroove, master of all things video games and Acapella music, released a new video showcasing Final Fantasy X’s Battle Theme. And of course it’s amazing.

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In Dreams

The latest issue of Nintendo Force magazine has a theme of new beginnings for both video game franchises and studios.  Outside of being a gorgeous publication, this issue is chock full of informative stories concerning new ventures and creations from well-established developers.  It must be exciting to break away from one’s previous success and strike out into uncharted territory; to see a new dream brought into reality.

Of course, there are plenty of risks and difficulties involved.  Longtime fans of a particular designer often just want to play another installment of a beloved series.  These players don’t want some new-fangled game set in an unknown universe; they want to play Favorite Game 2: Return of the Awesome Hero.  One also has to consider the trouble of developing fresh IPs on a brand new console.  Many publishers want to see hot new games on the launch list for their hot new console.  They ignore the difficulties of developing for new hardware, or the fact that consumers may not rush out to buy the products.  In spite of these challenges, there are some amazing games that broke the mold and have been honored by players and pundits across time. Continue reading In Dreams