Smooth McGroove Releases Final Fantasy X Battle Theme Video

The Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster has been released… and I don’t have it yet. Which is depressing considering that X is one of my favorite titles in the series (following VIII). Smooth McGroove, master of all things video games and Acapella music, released a new video showcasing Final Fantasy X’s Battle Theme. And of course it’s amazing.

Who else has the HD Remaster? What do you think of it compared to the original? I’m in the process of replaying Final Fantasy VII and VIII again, and I hope that I’ll be able to finally buy the X/X-2 Remaster soon after I complete those. In the meantime… let me live vicariously through all of you cool people!

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3 thoughts on “Smooth McGroove Releases Final Fantasy X Battle Theme Video”

  1. Playing ffxhd now. Loving it as much as the first time I played it over a decade ago. Music remaster is excellent too. And did you just say ffviii it’s your favorite? Don’t hear that very often lol, but I do think it has the best music of the series

    1. I usually tend to shock other FF fans when I say 8 is my favorite. I think it’s in the norm to hear people blabber about 7 (which I really enjoy as well). 8 was my first FF game, though, so I have a huge attachment to it. I’m glad you’re enjoying the remaster, though! I’m incredibly jealous. 😉

      1. I’m actually an 8 lover myself and I replay it almost every other year. But X is actually my all time favorite so I’m pretty stoked. Plus the new features make it really worth the replay. Incidentally I tried to repay 7 recently (it was my first ff) and while the battles were still fun the story was so pathetic I just couldn’t enjoy it haha. Plus those character models…

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