A Week in Gaming – inFAMOUS: Second Son

Guess what – I’ve been playing inFAMOUS: Second Son all week and oh man, I’m so ready to share my experiences with you all! This was the biggest game release of the year thus far and a game I have been looking forward to since the day it was announced. It’s a big deal for me, you dig? I’m going to casually go over some of my favorite things about the game, then you all can jump in and tell me about your week in gaming. It’ll be like a book club, but with less books and more video games. 

Keep in mind that I have yet to finish the game so no end-game spoilers will be in this article (and I hope none of you comment with any end-game spoilers). There will be some really broad/general spoilers as far as powers, characters and general gameplay go. Super minor stuff and nothing story based, so fret not. Just giving you all a heads up.


Due to a delay in shipping (that I am still annoyed about) I wasn’t able to play the game until I received it the Monday after it’s Friday release. I narrowly dodged around the spoilers and images posted from the game all weekend in order to save my experience from being trashed, and I did a good job. I went into this game with a relatively fresh mindset and little to no knowledge about the game’s plot or characters. Just the way I like it.

I must say it was pixelated love at first sight with Delsin Rowe, Second Son’s playable character. Not romantic love mind you (I’m not into pixels), just love of the character in general. Plus with Troy Baker voicing him it’s hard to not love the guy. I enjoy his rebellious personality and quirky humor as well as his sense of style. He’s a really cool guy and not at all like Cole MacGrath, who was the playable character in the previous inFAMOUS games, so it is fun and exciting to get a know an entirely new character.


Being a fan of the first two inFAMOUS games gave me some foresight on what to expect as far as gameplay goes, since it is generally the same as it was previously with some polish and updating. Jumping around and climbing the environment is much smoother and easier to do, for example, but is still generally the same. I like that they kept the same play style in Second Son though since the gameplay is one of the main reasons I love this series.

One thing I didn’t expect as much, or at least didn’t really think about until I played the game, was the variety of powers. Previously we only had access to a conduit with electricity powers but in Second Son we control a conduit with multiple powers. His actual power is the ability to absorb other conduit’s powers, which is really darn awesome if you ask me. It makes the fighting so dynamic since you can change it up pretty much at will and each power has a different set of fighting abilities.

I simple can’t get enough of is the tagging/spray painting side missions in this game. Turning the controller on it’s side, shaking it up, and using it like a spray paint can was such a cool mechanic to add to the game. What’s neat is that there are two sets of designs for each tagging side mission, one for evil karma and one for hero karma. So if you were to play through the game twice to experience each karma style (as most do) you wont see the same designs twice. It’s really rad.


I also really like the supporting characters in this game. Zeke was a really cool buddy in the previous games and so were Nix and Kuo; but I think that Fetch, Eugene, and Reggie are much more enjoyable overall. They bring a wide variety of personality and, for me, no annoyance factor. To wrap it up lest I carry on in this fashion forever, I am loving every minute of this game and have been on video game cloud nine since I started playing it.

What are your thoughts on Second Son? If you don’t have the game, what has your week in gaming looked like? Spill it, folks!

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4 thoughts on “A Week in Gaming – inFAMOUS: Second Son”

  1. I am enjoying Second Son so much too! Totally agree that it’s fun to be able to change powers really easily. I also love the little touch pad controls here and there, like for swiping open doors, etc. I haven’t really seen that much with the Dualshock 4 yet, personally. And I also loooove the spray painting, like you said! Being able to use the controller in such a novel way was a great way to jump into the game. =)

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