Lost in the Woods

Ever since I wrote about the gorgeous Link to the Past comic some time ago, there has been this nagging desire to read more paneled Zelda stories.  But where could I find them?  There hasn’t been a Hylian on the comic book store shelves in years and the graphic novel section at Barnes and Noble is surprisingly scarce for video game stories.  Giving up on a physical hunt, I did what any stumped player would do: check the internet.  After a quick search, I found where Link has been hiding all this time: in the Children’s Section.

It seems in 2008, Viz Media translated and released a pair of manga based on Ocarina of Time for American audiences.  The books, which were split between the adult and child story arcs, were originally published by the Japanese company Shogakukan in 1999.  When Viz brought the books over, they decided to print them under their “Viz Kids” label, and have continued to do so for every Zelda comic since.  It is for this reason why I went hunting through the Children’s Section at the bookstore for my quarry: a comic based on Majora’s Mask. Continue reading Lost in the Woods