Wave.Int Flying High!

As things over at the wave get organized properly, we get fancy little things to show off our awesomeness: The new banners!

Wave.Int Banners

Based off The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai, these banners mean we’re one step closer to the jDL Season 2 which kicks off around the end of April. We’ll also be starting off in Division 4 thanks to our earlier successes as Ra’II!

Great news on the casting front as well as more and more tournaments flood in. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but here’s the pick of the crop: a jDL tiebreaker from the Asia 1 division – the winner is guaranteed to start in division 1 next season, the loser must face the deadly playoff stage….


I recently got a new pair of glasses, and I love everything about them. I love the color (purple, my favorite). I love the ever-so-slight cat eye shape. I love the girly fan shapes and “crystals” embedded into the temples (the side “arms” that extend back to wrap behind your ears). I’m pretty sure that these are my most favorite pair of glasses ever.

I love them so, so, SO much! I got the same pair in black for sunglasses. (LOVE THEM!)
I love them so, so, SO much! I got the same pair in black for sunglasses. (LOVE THEM!)

But I always say that. Every couple of years, when it’s time to get glasses, I pour over dozens of frames searching for the “perfect” ones. And then, sometimes upon recommendation (since I can’t see worth a damn without glasses), I settle on a pair that kinda, sorta, looks alright, and I soon come to adore. It’s a process that been a part of my life for a good long while now, and one that’s become an essential ritual in crafting my own nerddom.

Right? I mean, I’m a nerd because I wear glasses? At least, that’s what everyone told me and that’s what I saw on TV growing up.

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