Combo Breaker!

Things will be a little different than usual for your weekly video game comics fix.  Instead of some commentary and brief highlights of a video game adaptation, how about an entire comic book to read?

Back in January 1996, Nintendo Power subscribers found a fun little bonus included with their latest issue: a special collector’s preview of the upcoming Killer Instinct comic.  This 18-page booklet featured a short story centered around a fight between Jago and B. Orchid along with some extra splashes of character art.  The full series, which ran for a whopping three issues, wouldn’t hit store shelves until June of the same year.

KI-GFNThe Killer Instinct comics were released by the print division of Acclaim Entertainment, the game studio who released several prolific arcade ports in the 1990s.  Around 1994, Acclaim made the switch from solely publishing video games to creating other forms of media.  This included producing exclusive strategy guides and comic books to promote their own video game properties.  The comic book arm of their company was none other than Valiant Comics, which was renamed Acclaim Comics until 2004, when Acclaim Entertainment filed for bankruptcy.

As someone who treasures oddball bits of video game media (read: a packrat), I have held onto the Nintendo Power preview of the Killer Instinct comic.  Now I would like to share it with you, readers of Geek Force Network (via Tumblr).  I hope you enjoy this very dated comic book, and be sure to check out the other printed tidbits featured on Please Take One.  Without further ado, Killer Instinct Issue No. 1

For more bits and pieces on video game comics, be sure to check out Geek Force Network every Monday.  More info can be found here.

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