The Game Boy Turns 25 Today!

While I spend my time delaying my inevitable travel to work playing Bravely Default on my 3DS, the original Game Boy is celebrating its 25th birthday. 25 freaking years! The popular Nintendo handheld console was born on April 21, 1989 (a year before I was born), releasing every North American console with a copy of Tetris. The Game Boy undeniably ignited a family of sucessful Nintendo handheld consoles, like the Game Boy Color which I’m more familiar with (Pokemon, anyone?). But today seems like a fine day to celebrate the beginning!

Crystal, owner of PhoenixDown, normally releases something that may be interesting every Monday night. However, due to a demanding new work schedule, her day to shine on GFN may change soon. Keep an eye out! In the meantime, check out her latest posts here!






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