Doritos Crash Course – A Tale of Anger, Malice and Greed

Have you ever played a game that just drove you to a point of feeling genuine frustration and anger? More than just the “Oh darn I died!” kind of anger or the “Why did you not grab that ledge you were right there!” kind of frustration, either. I’m talking about the kind of rage that makes you turn against your friends and despise the game you are playing. I have been there, and I’d like to take this time to talk about it for the first time in a public setting. This is a tale of the all consuming rage than overtook me during my brief stent of playing Doritos Crash Course. Oh and uh… Don’t take any of it too seriously.


Now before I begin, I’d like to state for the record that I hate Doritos Crash Course. It’s not a bad game and at times it’s very fun to play, but as a whole – I hate it. This game turned me into a greedy monster who was hell-bent on wiping out the competition (my friends) and winning above all else. Greed quickly turned into anger which lead to malicious thoughts and of course a bit of rage quitting. It is without a doubt the most frustrating game I have ever played and it’s somewhat of a snake in the grass since it seems like many people don’t even know it exists. I’m warning you now though, be careful with this one.

Doritos Crash Course is an Xbox Live Arcade game available on the Xbox 360. It’s a game in which your avatar is pushed through many courses that are akin to those of the popular television shows Ninja Warrior and Wipeout. You can play it with friend in a competitive setting or alone for your own enjoyment. There three different locations – USA, Europe and Japan – to travel to in the game and each has five courses. Each location is more challenging than the last and each individual course is more challenging as well. The courses include obstacles such as swinging hammers and ropes, trampoline jumping, platforming on a time limit, conveyor belts with varying speed and direction, water balloons, collapsing floors and other various challenges.


When I was first told about it by my friends, who I will refer to from here on out as the three amigos, I thought that it sounded pretty fun. The game is free, so I promptly dowloaded it and we all began to play. At first it was enjoyable. I was obviously new to it so I didn’t expect much from myself in the way of winning, I just wanted to get a feel for the game. The first few courses were easy and I blew throught them in a breeze which upped my confidence and gave me hope. Eventually everything changed and for the three amigos and myself, winning was all that mattered -not fun or enjoyment. Winning. Course after course we went through trying to earn achievements, win gold medals and ultimately out-do each others previously established record times per course. The three amigos and I are competitive most of the time but Doritos Crash Course brought out the worst in us.

It’s one of those competitive scenarios in which none of us were ever mad at each other or even talked trash to one another but we all knew that if you didn’t win the gold medal you were just another loser. As the challenges got harder the frustration reached new levels. After hours upon hours of playing this game we were all emotionally on edge. We were yelling and cursing at our TV’s, telling the game that it was full of it and that it wasn’t being fair. One course after another was cursed by us and by this point, even winning wasn’t enough. Just getting through the course without “chickening out” (an option which allows you to skip an area of the course and automatically move on to the next part but causes you to come in last automatically) was hard enough. Honestly, looking back, a lot of comradery came out of this experience. We all helped each other and collectively turned out anger towards the game rather than at one another.


This went on nonstop for a few days before we all collectively decided that it was time to put this game down and play something else. We never went back to it and every time someone jokingly brought it up we all collectively grumbled and tried to forget it ever existed. In hindsight, it’s obvious that we were being over-dramatic, as I am with this article now, but the point still stands – I have never been as angry with a game as I was with Doritos Crash Course.


Tell me, do you have any thoughts to share on Doritos Crash Course? What is the most infuriating game you have ever played, if not this one? Share it in the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “Doritos Crash Course – A Tale of Anger, Malice and Greed”

  1. I can honestly say that I’ve never heard of “Doritos: Crash Course” Lady, but I CAN tell you about the most frustrating game I’ve played. That honor goes to the game “Blasto”, that was released on the PSOne. Respawning enemies seconds after you kill them, impossible to determine jumps and just annoying controls made it a test of sanity. The worst game I have ever played though, was called “Time Commando”. Now I don’t wanna get into that, cause we’d be here all day.

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