Beneath the Power Suit

One of the biggest points of both joy and contempt in the comic book world is when a character is redesigned.  This is a fairly common practice; costumes and physical features will receive an update depending on the current market or the artist handling the series.  A perfect case study for this is the evolution of the X-Men since their first appearance in 1963.  From yellow jerkins to shiny armor to black leather, every character in this series has had several make-overs, and not always for the better (see: Kitty Pryde’s various incarnations).

These sorts of updates occur in the video game world as well, often during a console generation shift.  Better resolution and processing speed provide developers with stronger tools to render characters and their outfits.  Classic armor and accessories can be further detailed, and the designs from concept art are better translated to the screen.  Nintendo’s bevy of beloved characters has been through some changes over the years, but these iconic designs have remained mostly stable since their inception.  One odd exception is the heroine of the Metroid series, Samus Aran. Continue reading Beneath the Power Suit