When TV Shows You Enjoyed Before Don’t Have That Loving Feeling Anymore

There’s nothing quite like getting into a new TV show when it first premieres and instantly falling in love with it. A lot of TV shows, whether they’re good or bad, often get the kiss of death by the end of the first or second season if the show isn’t performing well in the ratings game. Most people have to hold their breaths or cross their fingers and hope their show won’t get cancelled.

When a show manages to jump over the cancellation hurdle and it can safely ease into this feeling of being around for many years to come, fans have many reasons to rejoice, as they can enjoy the characters and story for as long as the creators and networks will allow. Unless you encounter a show that has outlived its welcome.

tvd_cast1We can either blame bad writing or just outgrowing a show that doesn’t hold our interest anymore. Whatever it is, it’s never a good sign when you hardly want to watch a show anymore. I’ve encountered this with a number of shows I used to be a super fan of and now I’m just biding my time until these shows finally have their series finale. For example, a show like The Vampire Diaries have plots that are getting too convoluted and characters that are grating on my nerves these days. Can I personally stake Elena Gilbert in the heart now? And then there are shows, like Glee, that have no real direction at all.

With the surprising and tragic death of Corey Monteith last year, it has been difficult for the writers of the show to really figure out what to do with the characters and what kind of story to tell now. It’s pretty obvious the show is supposed to center around the star couple of Finn and Rachel. No Finn has forced the creators to rethink how to really end the series. While it may have been a nightmare to have to write a story without Finn or even ultimately ending the show without Finn and Rachel having their happily-ever-after, possibly in New York City, it’s still no excuse for any show to steadily go downhill with a feeling that each episode I watch now feels as if it has been haphazardly put together.

I could have quit on The Vampire Diaries and Glee a long time ago, but I have my reasons for why I still watch these shows, even though I’ve mentally checked out on them for the most part. One of the reasons I still watch The Vampire Diaries is a little shallow––simply put, it has hot looking people on the show. The other reason, I invested enough time into the show to want to see how it all ends. Despite the crazy plots that are hard to follow on this show, I do want to know where all the characters will end up once the show wraps up for good. Maybe the only thing I don’t quite care about anymore is which Salvatore brother Elena ends up with––Stefan or Damon?

My only reason for watching Glee at all is to watch the cast do covers of popular songs from decades ago to now. Obviously, nothing ever beats the original song, but there are times when the Glee cast does a good job of reinterpreting a song on the show. At the very least, the show hasn’t put me to sleep. Not yet anyway. Good thing the show will air its final season in the fall. I truly believe Glee should have ended when the core cast graduated from McKinley High.gleecast1

It’s a tricky business to keep a show afloat, making every season and story just as good as the last one, or better. The longer a show remains on air, the easier it is for a show to eventually go downhill for fans. Not every show will manage to have flawless seasons from start to finish, but you know a show has reached its expiration date when fans start noticing the writers don’t have any clue what to do next with their characters or story. Clearly, it’s time to call it quits with a show before things get too stale.

Have a TV show you absolutely loved before, only to get bored with it as time wore on? Did you keep watching until the show had their series finale or did you quit long before caring how the story ended?

12 thoughts on “When TV Shows You Enjoyed Before Don’t Have That Loving Feeling Anymore”

  1. Mine at the moment is one you mentioned here: The Vampire Diaries. Seasons 2 and 3 were so great, and now I hardly care anymore. I really think the larger focus on the love triangle the past couple years has hurt it, but a lot of the new plotlines just haven’t hit me right either. I’ll probably stick it out until the end. I just hope it picks back up again along the way because I’m so bored at the moment.

    1. I think you’re right about the love triangle. The show shifted so much on who Elena loves more since becoming a vampire that the main plots for the season has taken a nosedive. I barely care about the struggle between the travelers and witches this season. None of it really makes sense at this point and it feels like not a lot of thought was put into their storylines as of late. I’m ready for this show to air it’s last episode.

  2. I agree that Glee should have ended when the main cast ended – it’s what I was expecting anyway – so when I heard it was still ongoing, it was weird. For me, I started tuning out of Glee right around the end of Season 2. Season 1 was so great, and felt like a high school, as much as it could, and now the tone is completely different and not as good as it used to be. At least Kurt is maintaining his awesomeness. 😉

    1. Definitely! After the whole graduation happened for most of the principle cast in the earlier seasons, it was a little crazy that they’d still make a show out of it somehow. They were clearly stretching the show further than they should have. It’s really about a glee club in high school…not glee club post-high school or adding a bunch of new characters that aren’t really as strong as the main ones. But yes, Kurt is still pretty awesome on the show. That hasn’t changed. 🙂

    1. At least there are still shows out there that maintain your interest. It’s a little disheartening when you used to be really excited about seeing episodes of a show, only to later not care about it anymore. Or you’re just watching until it ends, if you haven’t already abandoned it yet.

  3. Shows often lose me when a main character that I really like leaves. (Kind of like what you said about Glee, only less dramatic.) After Steve Carrell left The Office, the show just kind of meandered off. It was still funny just not as interesting to me, so I skipped most of its final shows.

    The same was true for CSI, which I absolutely loved until William Petersen (he played Gil Grissom) left. He was such a strong force in that show, and it seemed the writers just didn’t know how to fill his shoes afterward. I watched for a couple more seasons after that while they changed up the cast, but I can’t tolerate the version they have now with Ted Danson and Elizabeth Shue. It’s a campy mess that should have ended years ago.

    1. That’s always tough when a major character on a show leaves for whatever reason and it ends up changing the whole dynamic of a show, whether it’s for better or for worse. Usually, it ends up being for the worse or it doesn’t feel like the same show you used to enjoy. It’s funny how a shift like that can either make or break the show for most fans.

  4. I’m assuming based on the way the season ended that parks and rec is now over, and it was pretty well timed imo. Just as it was starting to lose its luster they wrapped it up. Wish the office would have done the same after Michael left

    1. I can’t think of too many shows off the top of my head that managed to end things on a high note before things started feeling “meh.” Or at least, shows I’ve watched that have done that. I know a lot of fans always want more of a good thing, but that only applies if a show can keep the momentum going for a really long time. Not really an easy task to achieve.

  5. I’m actually only part way through Season 5 of Glee. I actually only picked it up again recently after completely losing interest for a time – way before they even graduated. You’re right, there just isn’t any direction in the show at all, which means that some episodes are great and others are rubbish/feel like filler. And it while it definitely isn’t as bad as I thought it would be after the graduation, it just isn’t the same. The new characters mostly just annoy me to be honest. I haven’t gotten to the part where Corey dies, but I can’t imagine it did the show any favours. It’s a terrible thing to have happened (I’m still bracing myself for the tribute episode) and I’m sure it’s been difficult for the writers to basically re-write the script, but the issues with Glee are pretty long-running. I totally agree – they probably should have ended the show after graduation.

    1. If it wasn’t for the music and dance numbers on this show, I really would have given up on Glee for good a long time ago. Each episode either feels mediocre or a disaster in most cases. I used to find the show’s humor funny, but these days, their jokes or one-liners have gotten really bad. Glee is one of those shows that should have ended when their momentum was still up. Now, it just keeps spiraling deeper and deeper into garbage territory.

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