Of course, who has a dining room table anymore?

Hmmm…good question. A strange yet intriguing one. It was uttered during a conversation we recently had with a professional framer about hanging pictures . She was talking about proper height at which to hang certain types of framed art, mirrors, etc. Such thoughts had never passed my mind before when accomplishing such a task other than: does the picture fit? Yes? Good. No? Move it elsewhere.  But she discussed all sorts of things to consider, from windows and glare to wall heights and other objects in the room to perspective. That’s where the dining room came in – perspective. Would people be viewing the picture standing or seated, like in a dining room? A formal dining room, presumably.

In response to her rhetoric, I almost piped up, “we don’t have a dining room, anymore,” but I remained silent instead. She wasn’t looking for an answer, but her remark hit home. Continue reading Of course, who has a dining room table anymore?