Apologies, DualShockers, and Power Rangers

I’ve been a ghost for the past few weeks! For that, I apologize. There isn’t a feeling worse than knowing that you’ve dropped some of the responsibility you chose to keep, and for that, I’m so sorry! I was working 40 graveyard hours a week and had just gotten my system to accept the shocking new sleep schedule… and then I was laid off. Continue reading Apologies, DualShockers, and Power Rangers

The Whole Story

In the early days of video games, developers relied on instruction manuals and promotional material to flesh out a story.  The technology of the time simply wasn’t up to the task of mapping out a complex world.  Oh sure, players could discern that a mustachioed man needs to run and jump through a world of bricks to save a princess, but the full details of Super Mario Brothers would be delivered through an instruction manual (along with cartoons, comics, and cereal boxes).

These days, the awesome power of technology has provided developers the means to tell a game’s narrative through cut scenes, spoken dialogue, and animated backstories.  To the mutual delight and dismay of players everywhere, many games will force the plot through linear set pieces and unskippable moments that ensure the story is properly conveyed.  Virtually no details are left out in the exposition-heavy titles of the 21st century.  But not every game needs to rely on these methods to ensure a good time. Continue reading The Whole Story