A Week in Gaming – Bound by Flame

This week I immersed myself in the world of Bound by Flame, which happens to be the first full length game that I purchased digitally on console. This makes it kind of special to me for some weird reason. I have downloaded full length games before that were free, but never before have I purchased a brand new game digitally. It’s a pretty fun game too, one full of crazy monsters, humorously cheesy dialog and demons. Oh, and we can’t forget the fire magic part – that’s kind of a big deal.


Bound by Flame is an action RPG that is a bit similar to games like Dragon Age and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. It has a fantasy setting in which darkspawn under the influence of the evil Ice Lords are taking over the world of Vertiel. While the story isn’t entirely unique (lots of games feature this base plot) there are some really cool elements that set it apart. One of the main ones is this strange demon possession that gives the main character magical powers. There is an inner struggle throughout the game between the main character and the demon inside of him/her which makes for a generally unique experience, especially considering that various choices are made in regards to this demon that affect the outcome of the game.

The gameplay is a lot of fun and accommodates various playstyles. You can either play like a warrior with a big two-handed sword/axe, play like a rogue with stealthy daggers, or go full mage and use your magic all the time. You can also intertwine all of these styles during battle. Switching between weapon styles is quick and easy and you can quick map the magical powers to be used at any time in battle regardless of your stance. Leveling up will allow you to specialize any of the abilities you want. I for one am working up the two-handed weapons stance and the magic, since stealthy/rogue stuff isn’t my thing. The combat can be pretty challenging, even fighting small time monsters requires skill and patience. It’s not your typical hack and slash or “kill all the things” type of game, which is both frustrating since I get killed a lot and rewarding since when you beat a group of enemies you feel like a champion.


As far as flaws go, Bound by Flame has its fair share. Flaws like these don’t make the game bad but they do get annoying at times. I find that the biggest issue is the female main character’s voice acting. My fiance put it best when he said she sounds like a “bro”. To me it sounds like a woman trying really hard to sound like a man and it’s just awful. The male lead’s voice sound pretty great but the female lead’s voice is just all kinds of bad. When paired with the cheesy dialog it’s even worse. Some of the things your character and other characters say are just ridiculous. Again, it’s pretty humorous if you don’t let it get to you too much, but it makes seemingly serious conversations a joke at times.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty solid game so far. Considering it’s cheaper than other new releases ($40 on the PS3/Xbox 360/PC and $50 on the PS4) it’s a worthwhile purchase. I’ve been having a lot of fun with Bound by Flame to be honest, it’s a good game. I’m only about 7 hours in and I’m still on the first chapter so it seems like it’s going to be pretty lengthy, which is cool. I look forward to playing more over the next few weeks.

So now that you have read about my week in gaming what have you been up to this past week, gaming-wise?

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4 thoughts on “A Week in Gaming – Bound by Flame”

  1. Sounds like an interesting game! I haven’t heard the voice of the character you’re talking about, but I TOTALLY know what you mean about female voice actors trying to sound like men. It might not be their fault as it could be the direction they’ve been given, but it’s usually pretty awful. Being a strong woman doesn’t mean being a man, in real life or in games!

    As for me I recently finished Infamous: Second Son and have been working my way through The Curse of Monkey Island, which is pretty awesome.

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