Town of Salem – Why aren’t you playing?!

It is officially Monday, signaling my special time to write something semi-interesting for you guys. So while Kolby tries to steal my ravioli while frustratingly demonstrating his pack animal skills (chewing on a shoe in my lap), I’m going to try to convince all of you wonderful people to play Town of Salem.

Town of Salem isn’t an ordinary video game. Frankly, it’s not technically a “video” game if we’re going to get technical about gameplay mechanics. It’s primarily a chat room/semi point-and-click style game. Everything else relies solely on your ability to lie and/or pick out liars.

This is a different take on the tradition Mafia party game… which stems from the Werewolf party game created by Dimitry Davidoff in 1986. In this game, you live in a town while carrying a specific town-like role. The mafia also lives in the town, and its members are going on a killing spree every night.

The town’s mission is to find and lynch the members of the mafia. The catch? The members are disguised as normal townsfolk. Finding the specific members requires each townie to harness their specific role, and obtain the trust of other townies. Once paranoia begins to rise, making people trust you becomes almost impossible.

Town of Salem does a fantastic job assigning each person with a particular role. You can read my preview at DualShockers to figure out the basics of each role. But your mission is to team up with the members of your group, whether that be Town or Mafia, and eliminate your enemies.

Try not to make mistakes, though! Accidentally lynching a fellow townie will only make you more vulnerable at night.

What’s so interesting about Town of Salem, though, isn’t just the initial town versus mafia gameplay. Other roles such as the jester, executioner, and witch all have their own intentions. A serial killer and arsonist may also lurk in the town… which only creates more mystery.

I plan on creating my own videos of Town of Salem in the future, hopefully while playing with other friends! So if you decide to check the game out and enjoy it, feel free to send me a friend request: CrystalKM.

You can sign up and play for free here. Because it’s a browser game, there are no downloads necessary!

In the meantime, I’m off to distract this monster:




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