joinDota League Season 2!

Its that time again as joinDota re-launch their open-to-play, open-to-cast tournament. Next week I’ll have some updates on the progression of our very own Wave.Int, but in the meantime….


You Can’t Do That On (Network) Television!

Image by Flickr user Peter Tittenberger
Image by Flickr user Peter Tittenberger

After watching last week’s episode of Hannibal that included begin minor spoilers a scene where a character cuts off and eats a piece of his own face end minor spoilers, I was sure I’d seen it all.

All on network TV, that is.

My goodness, how network TV dramas have grown up! Why, it seems like only yesterday they were yay high to a bug’s knee! Over the past couple decades, we’ve seen your NBCs, ABCs, CBSs, and CWs ramp up the “gross out” factor in your crime scene procedurals.  We’ve seen sitcoms walk a fine line between edgy and dirty. We’ve seen sexy, blush-worthy storylines with innuendo piled on thick and hard. But the mature, deft, and macabre atmosphere of Hannibal is something rather new.

On network TV.

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