A Week in Gaming: Bringing Down the Nazis and a Side of Feels

This week I realized how overwhelmed I am with games. I am still playing through Bound By Flame, which I discussed last week, but now I have added Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Walking Dead (S.2/E.3), Puppeteer, and the still unfinished Daylight on to my list. It doesn’t help that one of the biggest game releases of the year is taking place next week (Watch_Dogs) and I am still not even half way through most of these games. Oh, the woes of a gamer. Anyhow, this week I’m going to be talking about my adventures in Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Walking Dead (S.2/E.3). I’ve been doing some Nazi killing but I’ve also been on an emotional roller coaster. It’s been a wild week in gaming.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

I have never played a Wolfenstein game before this one so I went in with a completely cleared slate and no idea what the heck was going on. Of course, the game does a great job of re-establishing the story and not making you feel like you missed out on anything, so it was all good. Basically the game centers around the main character, BJ Blazkowicz, and his mission to kill the Nazis. The game takes place in a fictional alternate reality in which the Nazis won World War 2. They nuked the United States and forced everyone to surrender to their forces, so the world is overrun with Nazis, fear and lots of death.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a first-person shooter with some really fun in-game features. The feature that I have been having the most fun with is the ability to dual wield pretty much any gun in the game. You can run around with two pistols, two machine guns and even two shotguns. Since there is a lack of variety in the guns themselves, it is neat to be able to dual wield what is offered. This made me a Nazi killing machine.


Another combat feature I have been having a lot of fun with is ability to throw knives. It’s an unlockable ability that I believe is based on how many people you silently assassinate. When I unlocked it I just went knife throwing crazy and it was so much fun! I wish I uploaded the recording but at one point there were these two guys, one with his back to me and the other facing him (and me). I walked in and quickly threw a knife into the one facing me, killing him instantly, and then instantly used another knife to assassinate the guy with his back to me. It all happened in a flash and was so awesome.

I’m about half way through this game (or there about) and it’s been very enjoyable. I think I was just really in need of a fun and crazy first-person shooter and Wolfenstein: The New Order really hit the spot. I also really enjoy the story and the characters, which is a big plus.

The Walking Dead (Season 2, Episode 3)

Before I begin I’m going to just warn of the SPOILERS that are in this section. If you haven’t played the episode, just skip on down to the bottom. You’ve been warned.


While there are some spoilers, I want to keep this section short. I don’t really want to get into the entire story or anything but I want to talk about my experiences. Throughout this episode I found myself more enraged than usual. Carver and Troy (and a handful of others) were so rude to Clementine and it angered me because I don’t like people talking to her like that. I kept saying things like “Don’t you talk to her like that!” or “I hope you get eaten by walkers, you ass!” out loud. I hate it when people talk to Clem like she is an idiot or some kind of helpless kid, you know?

I was really upset when Carlos was forced to hit Sarah. That really broke my heart because she is so innocent and aloof, she didn’t even understand why he had to do it. I know she can be annoying but I always try really hard to be her friend (as Clem, of course) because I just feel bad for her. Carlos sheltered her too much and this is the kind of thing that comes of that. It was also saddening when Carlos died towards the end since now Sarah is going to be more messed up that ever. I chose to run to Kenny’s aid when Carver was beating him up and got hit in the face by Troy. I nearly threw the controller at the wall, I was so mad that anyone could be so cruel and actually hit little Clem.

I had Clem stay and watch Kenny kill Carver, since I hated that bastard and I know Clem did too. It was harsh but that’s the world they live it, I thought it was important that she saw it. Clem is a strong girl and I knew she could handle seeing something like that. I mean, after all she did shoot and kill a guy in the first season. Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. As always, Telltale did a fantastic job of bringing me into the game on a personal and emotional level. I was angry, sad or distressed because of how good of job they do at connecting me to the characters, as they always do with every series and every episode. These episodes are so well written and developed. Next week the newest “The Wolf Among Us” episode is going to be released, which is super exciting as it’s just as good as The Walking Dead for me.


That about wraps up my week in gaming. I have enjoyed bringing down the Nazis in Wolfenstein: The New Order and have felt all the feels while playing The Walking Dead (S.2/E.3). What have you been playing this week?

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4 thoughts on “A Week in Gaming: Bringing Down the Nazis and a Side of Feels”

  1. I’m loving Wolfenstein. I was surprised to find such an emotional story in such a blast-tastic shooter. I’m only like 5 hours in right now, but it’s been a lot of fun.

  2. I agree with the emotional ride of Episode 3 of The Walking Dead. There were some deaths I didn’t quite expect to happen so soon and Carver and Troy were definitely hateful people that got what they deserved. I do wonder how Sarah’s character will develop by adding the loss of her dad into the mix. It was one of the saddest moments ever.

    1. I too wonder about her in the coming episodes after that incident with her dad. I agree that it was one of the saddest moments of this season. I didn’t really care for him as a character but I respected him and we all know how much Sarah loved him so for that to happen was just so sad. Can’t wait for the next episode!

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