A Week in Gaming – Being Among All The Things

This week was a pretty good week for gaming. A few games came out and for me there is still some run off from unfinished games from the recent past, so there was a lot to play. I of course played the newest AAA title from Ubisoft this week, Watch_Dogs, but I wanted to talk more about the smaller titles I was able to acquire this week. One of which was The Wolf Among Us as episode 4 came out this past Tuesday. The other game is an even smaller indie horror title called Among The Sleep. So in this post I will yet again give you all the scoop about my week in gaming, enjoy!

The Wolf Among Us – Episode 4

Okay, so beware of spoilers. I bet there will be something at some point, so if you have yet to play this episode and want to, skip on down to the next section.


In this episode Bigby must recover a bit from the events that transpired in the last episode (namely that silver bullet from Bloody Mary). As is expected with a Telltale game there is tons of character development and a great narrative in episode 4. Since Snow White has taken over for Ichabod Crane she has had a lot on her plate. One thing in particular that she wants to do is enforce all the rules, even those that may have been looked over previously such as un-glamoured Fables being sent to The Farm. This effects Bigby’s friend Collin as well as Toad and the player has to either help them out/defend them or tell them they are being sent to The Farm. I personally stood up for Collin, telling him that I wouldn’t let Snow send him off. I also stood up for Toad and told him I’d help him pay for glamours. Snow is on a bit of a justice warpath so we will have to see where that goes.

Throughout the episode it’s your job to find out where The Crooked Man is and confront him, so the there are lots of interrogations and many investigation sequences. Eventually you discover where The Crooked Man is located and find your way to his hideout. The episode ends once you confront him which perfectly sets up the final episode which I’m sure will have explanations and more confrontations. I’m looking forward to the next episode as I have really enjoyed the awesome Fables storyline in The Wolf Among Us. I need to get like, a “Team Bigby” shirt made or something.

Among The Sleep:


Among The Sleep is a smaller indie title developed by Krillbrite Studios. It’s a horror game in which you play as a two-year who is awakened in the middle of the night by strange noises and happenings. The child gets out of the crib and begins exploring the house along with his teddy bear, who provides light in dark areas and help (it talks) at certain times. It’s a very interesting dynamic as it’s hard to tell if what is happening is real or simply the imaginings of a toddler.

I haven’t played much of it, it’s a pretty short game but I’ve only played about an hour or so of the story. I was really excited about this title because I backed it on Kickstarter in its first stent there. Ever since I have been keeping up with specialty updates and looking forward to Among The Sleep’s release. I’m really looking forward to getting some more time in on this game, I have a huge soft spot for indie horror games.


That’s it for my week in gaming. This upcoming week I plan to finish up Among The Sleep and of course play more Watch_Dogs! What have you been up to this week? What games have you been playing?

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