Quest Update! Episode 16 – Don’t Stab Anyone at E3

Episode 16 was recorded on Sunday, June 08, 2014.

Topics: Our E3 predictions, announces a Steam-like client, Grand Theft Auto, Bat-Nipples, and more. Click here to download the episode.

My Pre-E3 Wants and Expectations

We all know that this week marks the start of E3 2014 which means all kinds of news, reveals, press conferences and general video game excitement. As is typical at this point in time all we have to go on is rumors and personal expectations – no factual, concrete knowledge. It’s hard not knowing what we will see, will it be as glorious as we hoped or will it be a big fat disappointment? Only time can tell but until we see the real deal I’d like to share some of my base expectations and what I want to see from this year’s E3 event as well as learn about what you folks are looking forward to.  Continue reading My Pre-E3 Wants and Expectations