Favorite Comic Books That Should Be Video Games

Is this the last hurrah?  We have reached the end of this digital diversion, readers of Geek Force Network.  I have shared my favorite comic book video games from before and after the year 2000, so all that remains are those select series that have no dog in the video games fight.

Historically, most adaptations of comic books have come from the big two, Marvel and DC.  They have been the movie cash-ins and superhero beat ’em-ups, the fighting game cross-overs and the Lego-based collectathons.  Fortunately, the rise of indie games and comics have given way to the rebirth of the point-and-click adventure genre.  Studios like Telltale Games have been turning fantastic comics into wonderful video games for the world to enjoy.  If it weren’t for their efforts, two of my favorite series may have remained confined to the printed page, never to grace my gaming screens (thanks for Bone and Fables, Telltale).  But even with the recent glut of sequential art adaptations, there are still comic books which I would love to see translated to the digital world. Continue reading Favorite Comic Books That Should Be Video Games