Lead Them Or Fall: Why I’m Optimistic About Dragon Age: Inquisition

The buzz and excitement around E3 may have died down, but my own personal excitement over the presentation Bioware gave at the conference for their next installment of the Dragon Age series, Dragon Age: Inquisition has not. A new game trailer for the game has been released and its spectacular. Fans of the series are cautiously excited from the comments I’ve seen in articles pertaining to the game. Understandably, some are still sore over how the ending to Mass Effect 3 was handled and Dragon Age 2 wasn’t exactly the strongest installment of the series, but I’m particularly confident about Inquisition.

The development team at Bioware seem to be listening to their fans by combining what made Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 good games from a story and gameplay perspective, judging from what I’ve seen in the trailer. Origins had the stronger story and better character development than Dragon Age 2 did, but the strategy based combat was something some fans were split down the middle on. Some found it too slow and others enjoyed being able to pause and think about how to take out certain enemies using their party’s strengths. Dragon Age 2 had gameplay that was more engaging and in real time, throwing your character directly into battle without needing to pause and manage your party in the game. Where the gameplay may have been most fun, the story’s writing and most of Dragon Age 2‘s characters ended up largely weak. There’s also the glaring problem of having environments looking too similar to each other without any distinction. And from a game design standpoint, that’s a huge no-no in an open world environment.


It may be too early to make this judgement based on game trailers and gameplay footage alone, but I’m certain the developers have been working hard to make Inquisition the best game fans have ever seen for the series. The game looks like we’ll have plenty of new places to explore and none of it looking like a copy of a place you’ve been to before, there’s a whole batch of new characters and returning characters that I’m sure any fan will be excited to get to know over the course of playing the game, and the combat itself looks pretty awesome, which makes me super itchy to want to have my chance at playing it. The story of Inquisition seems to tease the idea of your choices in the game, a staple of most Bioware games, will effect how your story plays out and how the characters in the game treats you. There’s even a sense of urgency of how the world in Inquisition is in turmoil and chaos and the burden lays on your shoulders to end the war that was set up by the end of Dragon Age 2.

The tag line for the latest trailer, “Lead them or fall,” just about sums up what players and fans of the game should expect from Inquisition––you either become the savior to put an end to this war or watch the entire world burn to the ground. Pretty heavy stuff, if you ask me, but I’m up to the task of leading my female Inquisitor to victory. Yes, you heard right. I already know I’ll be playing as a female Inquisitor once I get my hands on this game in October.

If the latest news about the game having plenty of multiple endings is true, I’ll be playing this game over and over again to unlock them all. Still, I think I’ll wait until the game officially comes out before I become completely invested on the idea of 40 plus endings being available to the player. We all know how that went down with a certain Mass Effect 3. I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high just yet, but it is exciting to think about.


With a lot of expectations riding on this game, I don’t think Bioware will make the same mistake of producing a mediocre game. The developers are taking their time to make sure this game will deliver to its fans and maybe even exceed people’s expectations once it releases. By listening to their fans and not rushing the development of their game, I think fans can breathe easy knowing this game will be as memorable of an experience as Dragon Age: Origins was. At least I hope it is, otherwise I’ll be eating my own words in the fall.

If you’re a fan of Dragon Age, do you feel confident Inquisition will be an epic game for the series, as Bioware seems to be trumpeting? Or are you remaining skeptical about the game until you see the final product yourself?

2 thoughts on “Lead Them Or Fall: Why I’m Optimistic About Dragon Age: Inquisition”

  1. At this point, I’m hoping with all hope that Bioware throws every bit of awesomeness that it can into this game. Of course, after DA2, there’s no where to go up imho, so that could mean we’re guaranteed to see something better, something that reacaptures the magic of DA:O. I’m reserving full excitement until I actually play it, however.

    1. I agree. I can’t see DAI becoming a dumpster fire of a game. I’m pretty sure they’ve learned their lessons from DA2 and I doubt they’ll want to make a mistake of promising stuff with the endings that Mass Effect 3 failed to deliver on. Either way, I’m excited and it’ll be THE game I’ll either pre-order or at least buy on the day of release.

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