Read ShiftyLook Comics While You Still Can

We have another unfortunate example of digital content being lost to the void: ShiftyLook will be shutting down its servers on September 30th 2014, causing seventeen different video game comics to be scattered to the bitter winds of the web.

Started in Fall 2011, ShiftyLook was a subsidiary of Namco Bandai that focused on infusing new blood into older franchises through fresh content.  What started as a handful of fun webcomics drawn by great artists expanded to webtoons, anime, and even new video games.  Throughout their tenure, the core goal of the ShiftyLook crew was maintained: “to unlock the hidden power of retro by understanding the core appeal of untapped classics and respecting their legacies as we turn them into webcomics.”


Across the variety of comic stories and genres available on ShiftyLook, it seems like there is something for everyone.  Titles like Scar and Alien Confidential are serious representations of their games, providing continuous plots full of comic book action.  BravoMan and Wonder Momo fill the more traditional superhero role, with bombastic battles and goofy anime artwork.  Dig Dug is just plain silly webcomic fun, full of puns and video game inside jokes.  Even though they have the common thread of Namco games as subject matter, each comic has a unique and fun story to offer.


ShiftyLook was an interesting experiment for Namco Bandai.  It acknowledged intellectual properties that may not have been remembered outside of video game curators.  While the parent company provided the subject matter and server space, it was the efforts of great artists like Ashley Davis, Omar Dogan, and others who brought these stories to glorious life.  Fortunately, Udon Comics has stepped in to adapt some of these comics to the printed page, but not every bit of content has been guaranteed a second chance.

So be sure to check out all of the comics on ShiftyLook before the clock strikes midnight on September 30th.  And while you’re at it, take the time to support and follow each of the individual artists in their other endeavors.  Their great work deserves your praise.

For more bits and pieces on video game comics, be sure to check out Geek Force Network every Monday.  More info can be found here.


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