PC Gaming: Mouse-and-Keyboard or Controller?

I ask this purely out of curiosity. When I got into PC gaming, one of the biggest draws for me wasn’t so much the graphics power — it was the mouse and keyboard set-up!

My first attempt at playing with mouse and keyboard was the first Assassin’s Creed game. That was tricky. I felt like I was performing a masterpiece on the piano (and I didn’t get very far).

When I switched to shooters, I fell in love with the set-up and decided PC gaming was really for me. Using the mouse enhances your precision when aiming a firearm, and it feels incredibly natural to just point and shoot — the same thing you do every day on your computer when you click on something! Playing Mass Effect 2Mass Effect 3, and Borderlands 2 with the mouse and keyboard was really enjoyable.

Later, I even tackled DmC: Devil May Cry using mouse and keyboard, even though the series is really for PlayStation and a good old-fashioned controller. But using the keyboard not only to select a weapon, but also to click a specific move while holding it, was totally fine. DmC is a lot more challenging with the keyboard than Assassin’s Creed was, but by the time I got around to playing it, I was used to those PC controls and mastered them easily.

Now, I prefer mouse and keyboard for every game I play on the computer, no matter what the genre or gameplay style.

Which set-up do you prefer for PC gaming?

9 thoughts on “PC Gaming: Mouse-and-Keyboard or Controller?”

  1. Shooter games are best played using Keyboard. While RPG i think is best played with controllers same with racing games. But I don’t know man I prefer keyboard and mouse over game controllers but that’s just me. In the end its where you feel comfortable playing.

  2. Depends on the game. Mouse and keyboard, definitely for most games but controllers are nice in fighting games. Joystick is a must have when doing a flight simulator and I’ve never owned one, but I would like to have a racing wheel for racing games.The keyboard doesn’t do a good job with acceleration and turning, you know.

    1. That’s so true, I forgot about that! The keyboard is awful for driving in games because of the lack of control over acceleration. Saints Row 4 was tricky on PC just due to the driving bits.

  3. I usually use a controller, even for shooters. Part of this is because I am more comfortable with a controller but mostly I have to make due with one considering I play PC games on my laptop which currently has no mouse and using the touch pad thing sucks eggs.

    1. Oh yeah, I feel your pain on that one. I use a laptop for PC gaming as well but had to get a USB mouse, because the touch pad is the worst! Controllers can be great. I don’t know, though… for some reason, I’m not the best with them. Sometimes I wonder if that’s because I didn’t grow up playing video games but played a lot of computer games.

    1. Yeah, you’re right. I forgot about RTS games but those are great with mouse and keyboard as well! Although I am not competitive at all, I do want to treat myself to a good gaming mouse at some point too… =)

    2. I agree. I think if you play online games on some serious level you have no choice: keyboard and mouse for the win! You just can’t win some asian gamer with a controller =)

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