Introverted Septembers

Here in the great Northern U. S., we are enjoying some of the most crisp and beautiful fall weather we’ve had in a long time. True, the leaves have yet to change and the stray shower occasionally intervenes, but for the most part, we’ve had clear skies and cooler temps since around the start of the month. It’s the perfect time to get outside and do something! Anything! Just be happy in the cool breezes and glowing sun!

So why do I just want to stay indoors, curled up under blankets in some sort of state of pre-hibernation? There something about the start of fall and the month of September in particular that rekindles my introverted tendencies.

My reality lies somewhere between introvert and extrovert. Forgive me if paint this picture too broadly, but I don’t mind being out in the world, doing things and meeting people. Yet, I don’t generally go out of my way to get out into the world. I don’t have too much difficultly talking to strangers when needed, but most of the time I’d rather not speak if I don’t have too. And there are times when I act in haste more readily than I should; while there are also instances where no amounts of time or thoughts help me make up my mind one way or another.  For most of the year, including the cold winter and the hot summer, I think I manage to stay on a pretty even keel. But when that first fall chill hits, the scales definitely tip.

For some reason, this year’s leanings toward introversion have been particularly acute. Maybe it was because I was so busy during the summer, but I’m having a rotten time getting excited about fall family get-togethers and trips to see friends.  I’ve felt particularly sluggish for a couple weeks and nearly every waking moment has left me wishing that I was still in bed. The later and later sunrises had made it more difficult to get up at a fiendishly early hour for yoga, and even that feels uninspired. I don’t want to go shopping, even if it’s just to the grocery store. At work, I have little desire to interact with folks and tend to distance myself (even further) from office happenings and drama. All I want to do is sit in my warm house all hermity-like, playing games, reading books, knitting or crocheting, and drinking coffee.  Sound pretty perfect, right?

As I mentioned, though this introverted feeling is pretty strong right now, I know it will wear away by the end of the month. Once we hit October, I’ll be ready and rearing to get on track with holiday fun, counting down to television specials, enjoying mugs of spiced this or that, and watching snow fall with only mild resentment. In the post I recently wrote about saying goodbye to summer, I noted how there isn’t much reason to feel to melancholy at the start of fall – is it best of all seasons! Yet, I do, and I deal with that glumness each year. I do my best to take it in stride, and family, friends, and other obligations keep me on my toes nonetheless, but it something that I just seem to notice more and more.

Maybe it’s age. Maybe it’s want. Maybe is just that I feel I have the right to stow myself away from the world during this transitory period. (And maybe I think the world would be better for it if it would just allow me to do so.) Whatever it is, I’ll be over here nesting and trying to not think much of it, awaiting the month’s end.

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