The Ideal Home: A Personal Geeky Touch

Strangers and acquaintances wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but I’m a geek/nerd. One of my best friends the other day told me I’m, what he’d call, the “stealthy geek.” On the outside I look like the typical girly girl––I don’t wear graphic T-shirts that references a certain video game or anime. I don’t wear geeky jewelry like a Triforce necklace from Legend of Zelda or a replica of Galadriel’s ring from Lord of the Rings. Those who are close to me will only be able to see I’m a true geek through and through when they step into my room and see the mountains of shojo manga I have and the collection of video games I currently own. It won’t stop there. Someday, I dream of moving into a place where I can eventually decorate my future home with personal geeky affects.

I’ve spoken about this before on my own blog and briefly on GFN, but my style isn’t the geeky T-shirts and jewelry wearing kind. I grew up appreciating and wearing classic, girlier styles. It’s what I’m more drawn to and it isn’t because I’m purposely hiding my geekiness. Fashion is a personal choice and I like what I like.

I show my geek/nerd pride in other ways through conversation or having a room proudly displaying my extensive collection of manga, anime DVDs, and video games. I’m not ashamed to have these out on display and if someone doesn’t understand my love for these things, then clearly they aren’t the kind of person I want in my life anyway. This is why I often daydream of what my future home will look like when I have the chance to really decorate it to my liking.

My current living situation is a little cramped and it doesn’t give me the freedom to personalize rooms in the way I’d want to. Over the years, I have collected figurines I’ve either bought myself or received as gifts. They range from small dolls from Sailor Moon I bought back in the ’90s to a Mass Effect male Commander Shepard a friend gave me as a birthday present a few years ago. I absolutely love these figurines I have gotten. Sadly, these along with other figurines I own have been carefully stored away in plastic bins in my apartment until the day comes when I can finally let them live on a space of their own on a cool shelf I’d imagine my future home would have. I simply don’t have the space at the moment and it’s sad when I can’t stare lovingly at these beautiful geeky items that represent the animes or games I have grown to love over the years.

The lack of space also extends to refraining myself from buying art prints or having artwork commissioned at comic conventions. I’ve been going to New York Comic Con for a good number of years now and I always stare adoringly at the prints and artwork the artists in Artist Alley have on display at their tables. I really want to buy one, but I don’t see the point of getting one when I don’t have anywhere to hang it.

My friends tell me I need to at least have one artwork commissioned in my lifetime because there’s something awesome about telling an artist whose drawing style you really admire to draw something you really want. Maybe you want a character drawn differently from the usual. Most artists are able to do it, as long as you have the money to spare for such personalized drawings. Having a brand new living space someday will allow me to attend a convention one year and finally purchase either a gorgeous print or personalized drawing from an artist at Artist Alley. I know I would hang anything I get from there in the living room. I dream too much, I know, but it’s part of the fun.

While people who aren’t into geeky things would decorate their homes with the usual pretty furniture and some regular books, mine would have geeky objects and manga mixed in with a beautiful painting or a collection of classic literature books. Owning these typically geeky stuff is a huge part of my life. I’ve always considered myself a geek/nerd ever since I was a kid and it hasn’t changed as an adult either. As an individual, you embrace and accept every part of what makes you who you are. Not everyone in your life will always understand your hobbies, and if they do get it then that’s great, but they have to accept them as a part of you. Besides, would they have it any other way? It’s just another thing that makes you an infinitely more interesting person to know.

4 thoughts on “The Ideal Home: A Personal Geeky Touch”

  1. Simpleek, you’ve seen photos of me… would you say I was a geek/nerd ? have you seen my collection of manga and video games ? 😀 ( and figurines… my latest acquisition is Clare of Claymore ) ^’

      1. High five ….OMg , I wish we could be together in one place… that would be very ideal… and I would take you as my partner for Resident Evil, and it would be hilarious coz we’re both bad at 1 st person shooting, and we both tend to mash the buttons.

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