Name That Artist: The Joys Of Music Identifying Apps

The advent of smartphones has made the lives of every individual in the world a lot more easier and convenient. You can surf the internet on the go, Google Map an unfamiliar location to find the restaurant you’re supposed to meet your friends at, or pull out your planner for the week to check if you can fit in that much needed spa day. There are billions of apps, some free to download or pay-to-use, that are tailor made for all your needs. Among the best apps to ever be invented are the music identifying apps.

I love music. I almost cannot get through a day without listening to something, whether it’s through the radio or through my iPod. If I can have music playing 24-hours of the day and 7 days a week, I probably would. How cool would it be to have music playing in the background of your dreams, as if you were watching a movie? I want that to be a thing!

Before smartphones and apps became the norm in our daily lives, I always found myself in a store or watching my favorite TV show and hearing the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. The problem? I have no way of knowing who sings it. Most stores playing music aren’t often playing music from a local radio station. Sometimes, it may be some pre-set mix they’re blaring through their speakers that doesn’t typically announce who the artist is after a song finishes. Even when it’s a local radio station playing on the overhead speakers, the announcers still don’t always name the artist whose song you’ve just heard. What do you do when you want to know who the artist is? Luckily, there’s an app for that now.

soundhoundlogoApps like Shazam and SoundHound have been created to solve the dilemma that others like me have faced. We hear a song in places you don’t normally expect to find your new favorite single. We want to somehow know who the artist is for future reference when we can search on iTunes and download the song later. Both apps give you the ability to tap a button and it’ll search its massive database to find the song and artist currently playing. These apps are particularly useful when most of the songs are from obscure indie bands or artists you’ve never heard of before. I personally use SoundHound and I’m amazed how the app almost always knows who the artist is. The app is almost 100% perfect. It can’t find every single song you want to know about, but it comes pretty close.

When I watched shows like Smallville or The Vampire Diaries, the only way I was able to somewhat figure out who the artist and song was in one scene of an episode involved either remembering a part of the lyric to the song or finding the episode name and doing a Google search to see if anyone was familiar with the song. I had some luck using this method and other times it didn’t always work out. It saddens me when I discover a really great song and I can’t download it for my iPod because an artist and song remains a mystery to me.shazam_logo

Creating an app designed to take the guess work out of knowing who the song and artist is playing in the background is a stroke of genius. Gone are those days when you’re scrambling to find the artist and song. The mystery is almost likely to be solved with a tap of a button. I can’t count how many times I’ve discovered new music and artists during a trip to an H&M, McDonald’s, or just by going to the movies and watching a movie trailer. These might be strange places to discover new music, but with the aid of apps like Shazam and SoundHound, it feels pretty normal to find music you like beyond your radio station.

2 thoughts on “Name That Artist: The Joys Of Music Identifying Apps”

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it always frustrated me when they sometimes don’t announce who just sang the song you heard. Or they do it at the beginning of the song, but you tune in after they did. At least these apps make it easier now, for the most part.

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