#Listmas2014 – ‘Tis The Season: My Top 5 Christmas Songs I Have To Hear Every Holiday Season

Immediately after Thanksgiving, local radio stations have to start airing Christmas songs. Forget that we haven’t even finished the month of November and our turkey dinners have barely settled into our stomachs. Despite the earlier and earlier reminders of the holiday season, thanks to retailers and corporations doing all they can to shove it into our mindset, I’m always excited for the chance to listen to my favorite Christmas songs once again. It’s the one time of the year I can enjoy it until next December. For me, it’s just not Christmas without hearing certain songs at least once. I’ve compiled a list of my personal favorite songs I MUST hear every Christmas season. Be sure to also check out my fellow GFNer Cary’s great post about the different versions of the same Christmas songs she prefers to listen to.

1. All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. It’s almost impossible to have Christmas come and go without hearing this song at least once on the radio. It’s a catchy pop tune, which gets to the heart of the true Christmas spirit and that’s only wanting to spend it with your love ones. Nothing keeps you warm and cozy on Christmas than being with the ones who count.

2. Last Christmas by WHAM!. Probably the least cheerful Christmas song you’ll ever hear about getting your heart broken on Christmas. Maybe I’m a sucker for the occasional melancholy songs or maybe I can’t resist George Michael’s voice. Or his totally ’80s hair. Either way, I find myself belting the song at the top of my lungs every time I hear it. George Michael gets to me every time.

3. Carol of the Bells by The Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Not all Christmas songs require lyrics. Some are better left expressed without words. This is one of those Christmas songs that makes me want to rock out like no other. Booming drum beats and pretty awesome guitar rifts makes this song extremely great to hear every year. It sometimes makes me want to head bang to it. How many Christmas songs can you say actually does that?

4. Happy Xmas (War is Over) by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. A classic song sung by one of the most famous Beatles member in the world along with his equally famous wife. I love the message in this song about advocating for world peace and people of different colors and backgrounds uniting together in love. I mean, granted, not everyone celebrates Christmas but the song is a positive one and one that inspires hope for a better world filled with more love and less hatred. More peace and no violence.

5.  O Holy Night by Josh Groban. There have been plenty of renditions of this beautiful religious song and a lot of them are very good. The one I think stands out the most for me is Josh Groban’s version. He has the voice of an angel and listening to this song nearly brings me to tears, especially when he sings the part of the song, “Fall on your knees/O hear the angels’ voices.” It sends shivers down my spine and makes me imagine what it might have been like to bear witness to the birth of Jesus Christ.

These are just some of my favorites I can’t let another Christmas go by without hearing them. What Christmas song must you absolutely hear every holiday season without fail?

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