The Warmest Farewells To GFN

Goodbyes are never easy, but sometimes it’s necessary to move onto the next chapter in your life or to look ahead at all the other exciting possibilities waiting for you. Like my fellow GFNer, Cary, I’m officially saying farewell to this wonderful little site.

Being a part of GFN has been one of the best opportunities and experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure of participating in. It was a warm and welcoming community that enabled a lot of us bloggers to be united in one corner of the online space we’ve carved out for ourselves. Inevitably, life does get in the way and sometimes we have to let go of something when other things far more important have to be at the top of our priority list.

It has been an incredible feat that Cary and I have managed to keep the site going with just us two creating new content exclusively for GFN that you can’t even find on our own blogs! I believe it’s a big accomplishment, don’t you? With our numbers on GFN having dwindled as the year wore on, it came as no surprise that eventually we’d walk that same road. Now the time has come, as Cary has already written her own farewell post for the site last week.

I’ll always cherish the good memories I have of GFN and how the site originally started in the first place. Plenty of good content has been made for this site with as much loving care and passion we can muster. This may be goodbye, GFN, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be forgotten. As for what will happen to the site itself, now that the rest of us will no longer be producing new content on it anymore, I believe Chris of At the Buzzer will be posting an official post of his own to address that in the next few days or so.

Thank you to everyone who has read or followed me on GFN. Just because I won’t be posting on GFN anymore doesn’t mean I won’t be writing anymore. If you’ve liked what you’ve read here, then feel free to follow me on my own blog. You’ll find much of the same kind of content you found here on my own site. If you’ve also liked any of my other fellow GFN crew’s stuff, then please find and follow their personal blogs as well! Many of us are still very active in other places, so we’re not disappearing from the blogosphere completely. And because we’re awesome. Why wouldn’t you not want to follow us on our own personal sites?

Peace out, GFN! It has been fun.

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